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Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

November 15, 2016
Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

Whether you're shopping for your own kids, or trying to find something that family and friends will love, our cycle-focused Christmas gift guide for kids should provide plenty of shopping inspiration.

We've put together a list of the top ten kids gifts that are fun, practical and sure to bring a smile to their face on Christmas morning. We've got every budget covered, stuff for both boys and girls, stocking stuffers and even an option if you still can't find exactly what you're looking for.

Make it fun

Spokey Dokey

spokey dokeys chrsitmas gift guide

A quintessential part of childhood for anyone over 30 years of age, the spokey dokeys are back and once again ready to brighten up kids bikes. The colourful plastic clip-on decorations have been around forever and are still one of the cheapest and easiest ways to add fun to riding a bike. Buy your kids some spokey dokeys this Christmas and let a whole new generation experience the magic.

KiddiMotto helmet

Christmas Gift Guide for Kids BikeExchange 1 7

Christmas is normally the time kids will get a new bike, scooter or skateboard, so make sure they are safe with a helmet. Sometimes the hardest part is trying to keep the helmet on kids head as they'll ditch it the first chance they get if they think it looks daggy or uncool. However, these custom helmets from KiddiMotto will have the kids wanting to show them off.

From a practical point of view, these helmets are smaller with extra padding to fit kids heads, have vents to keep heads cool, and provide ample protection from inevitable falls and spills. From a completely superficial point of view, the helmets are stylish and come in a variety of options including skull and crossbones, avator, cherries, black 8-ball, pastel dots, evil knieval, butterflies, and a variety of neon colours.

Fun Bell

Christmas Gift Guide for Kids BikeExchange 1

Add some fun to the handlebars with a novelty bell. There are a couple of great options from Nuvo; either a loud horn, or a cute and compact animal inspired bell. Pedestrians will be in no doubt when the kids are coming through with one honk of the Nuvo horn that would not look out of place on an early 1900's car. In contrast, the animal inspired bells are tiny, and easy for small hands to use. Children can choose between a bumblebee, ladybug, hamster or panda in a variety of colours to match their bike.

Flower basket

Christmas Gift Guide for Kids BikeExchange 1 4

Some more handlebar decoration, this time in the form of a floral basket that the little ones can use to store fluffy friends, snacks, or momentos from their two-wheeled adventures. Simple to install and easy to transfer, these plastic baskets are perfect for 12 - 16in kids bikes and big enough to carry anything a 3-5 year old could want.

Kids on the move

FirstBike Street Balance Bike - 2 to 5 years old

first bike street balance bike christmas gift guide

Balance bikes are the perfect introduction to riding a bike, teaching balance first and foremost, and the 'Street' FirstBike is one of the best choices. We recently tested seven of the most popular balance bikes, and the Street's FirstBike sibling the 'Limited Edition' was a standout performer. Made from a highly durable reinforced plastic, the FirstBike was one of the easiest bikes to build and most robust of all tested. Weight wasn't a hindrance, and the large range of minimum and maximum seat height meant the child can grow with the bike for years before shifting to a pedal bike. A good range of colour choices caps off this impressive first bike.

To get a better understanding of what you should be looking for when searching for a balance bike, check out our ultimate guide to buying a balance bike.

Giant Animator - 5 to 8 years old

giant animator 16 kids bike christmas gift guide

In between a balance bike and a larger pedal bike, we have the 16in Giant Animator. This is the perfect go between as it has a lightweight aluminium frame that kids won't have any trouble maneuvering, removable training wheels and a coaster brake which is sometimes a better option for younger kids who lack the hand strength to effectively operate a brake on the handlebars. There's only one gear to keep things nice and simple, and a good amount of seat height adjustment that should see you child through to a 20in pedal option.

Trek Precaliber 20 - 7 to 10 years old

Trek precaliber 20 6 speed christmas gift guide

"Let their adventures begin." That's the catch cry from Trek and it couldn't be more perfect for this kids mini-mountain bike. The Precaliber 20 is the kids version of Trek's performance cross country mountain bike the 'Procaliber' and it's easy to see why they share the 'caliber' name. The Precaliber has dual hand brakes, six speed gears, basic front suspension and knobbly tyres, perfect for an introduction to trail riding and off-road exploration.

Micro Mini Scooter - 2 to 5 years old

micro mini scooter christmas gift guide

It's not all about the bike at BikeExchange, we also sell kids scooters which is a great alternative (or accompaniment) to a bike. Scooters still teach kids the value of balance and provide a great form of transport. The benefit of a scooter is that is takes up virtually no room and is easy to carry around when not in use, or when the kids have had enough and you have to carry it home. The Micro Mini Scooter has three wheels at the front for extra stability, a wide non-slip deck, and can handle up to 35kg of weight, plus the come in a huge variety of colours.

For the parents

Pedal Craft Bike lock

pedal craft combo lock christmas gift list

It may not be the most entertaining present, but every new bike for Christmas should also come with a bike lock. They don't have to be huge, bulky items with keys anymore, this small but effective option from Pedal Craft is the perfect addition to any new kids bike purchase. The lock is a combination system, meaning the kids won't misplace or lose the keys which would otherwise end in disaster. It's small and easy to carry or lock to the bike when it's not being used. And thanks to the groovy colour options, it looks kind of fashionable too.

Weehoo Buggy

wehoo buggy christmas gift guide

The Buggy from Weehoo is the perfect present for the cycling mad parent and family that loves to play together. The Buggy can be used as a standard jogger / pusher or a bike trailer that can transport two kids at a time. The Buggy simply hooks on to the rear of the bike, eliminating the need to use the car for small trips to the shops or school. This green form of transport is practical yet fun, the kids will be happy with plush seating and all the safety basics are covered with seat belts, a safety flag and reflectors. There's even additional cargo capacity to carry sports equipment for some playtime at the park.

If this list still hasn't ticked all the boxes on your list, trying searching over 35,000 bikes and accessories on BikeExchange to find exactly what the kids want.

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