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Christmas Gift Guide for Road Cyclists

November 23, 2016
Christmas Gift Guide for Road Cyclists

Whether you're shopping for yourself, or trying to find something that family, friends or your riding bunch mates will love, our Christmas gift guide for road cyclists should provide plenty of shopping inspiration.

We've put together a list of ten great gift ideas specific to road cyclists that will bring a smile to their face on Christmas morning. We've got every budget covered, a mix of practical and fun ideas, stocking stuffers and even an option if you still can't find exactly what you're looking for.

Supacaz bartape

supacaz kush bar tape green gift guide

Supacaz is the bar tape of choice for dual World Road Race Champion Peter Sagan, perhaps the best possible endorsement for a cycling product at the moment. Supacaz is available in a variety of colours, from the plain white and black to the more out there and 'exclusive' colours. It has a 'tacky' feel that allows easy grip with or without gloves, is cleanable which allows that pro-white look to remain and is highly durable. It's 3mm thick, including a 'Comfort Kush Foam' mid-layer which provides a significant amount shock absorption that will improve bike handling and comfort on downhills and rough roads. It has 100% aluminium bar ends and comes with matching finishing tape to complete the look.

Hide My Bell

hide my bell Christmas Gift Guide Road Cyclist BikeExchange 11

The perfect solution for those riders who want (or need) a bell whilst maintaining a clean handlebar set-up. The ingenious design integrates a bell to the Garmin Edge holder, keeping it off the handlebars and out of sight, yet is easy to reach and use. As well as keeping the bars clean, Hide My Bell adds little weight and is unobtrusive. The perfect solution.

Lezyne Tech Drive HP mini pump

Lezyne Tech Drive HP mini pump Christmas Gift Guide Road Cyclist BikeExchange 11

The Lezyne mini pump is a handy device that is small, lightweight, durable and amazingly gets tyre pressures up to 120psi, super impressive for such a small unit. At 170mm and 88grams the pump will easily fit into a back pocket or just as easily be mounted to the bike. The handle, barrel and shaft are made of aluminium and it comes equipped with Lezyne's ABS Flex Hose: which has a threaded Presta connection with a pressure release valve on one side and a threaded Schrader connection on the other, so regardless of whether used on a road, mountain, commuter or kids bike, this pump can do it all.

Morgan Blue Chamois cream

Morgan Blue Chamois Cream Christmas Gift Guide Road Cyclist BikeExchange 11

Anyone that has gone on a long ride or backups riding day after day can testify to the benefits a good chamois cream can have on your posterior. Morgan Blue's chamois cream is a nourishing cream based on almond oil that will help prevent saddle sores, chaffing wounds and skin irritation caused by friction and perspiration during exercise. It may be personal item, but given with a smile it's sure to be well received.

Another option is to use chamois cream as part of a 'care package' and include some sunscreen and moisturiser. It always pays to be sun smart, especially as the weather heats up and the arm and leg warmers come off, and including some moisturiser will help keep skin supple and healthy after hours in the sun and wind.

Garmin 820

Garmin 820 Christmas Gift Guide Road Cyclist BikeExchange 11

The Garmin 820 is the latest release from the popular brand that has combined the best elements of the 500 and 1000 series including navigation, advanced training metrics, performance tracking, touchscreen, real time information, all presented in a smaller, sleeker package. The 820 is considerably smaller than the 810, closer resembling the size of the recently released 520. A knock on the 520 was the lack of touchscreen functionality and a reversion to buttons, which the 820 has remedied along with improved touch screen functionality and three buttons in total (one power and two function buttons). The 820 also features beefed up internal storage, longer battery life, LiveTrack and GroupTrack, weather updates, text messages, other notifications and incident detection. It really is the most advanced, easy to use cycling computer currently available on the market. Read our first impressions of the Garmin 820 for a more complete picture.

Kask Protone helmet

Kask Protone helmet Christmas Gift Guide Road Cyclist BikeExchange 11

The Protone from Kask has been used by Team Sky since 2014 but has taken two years to make its way into bike stores across Australia. Since then it has been one of the most popular sellers thanks to its aerodynamics, lightweight construction and Italian style. The helmet performed well in wind tunnel testing but as you can see from the vents located all around, it offers great ventilation too, something traditional aero helmets lack. As you expect from a premium, WorldTour level helmet, it's full of features; 3D Dry Tri-Dimensional padding, reinforced inner frame, highly adjustable fit, and even an eco-leather chinstrap which is said to offer next-level comfort and no skin irritation. As if that wasn't enough, the whole package weighs in at 215grams, putting it at the top of its class in terms of weight. The only decision is which colour!

Cycliq Fly6 rear light and camera

Cycliq Fly6 light camera Christmas Gift Guide Road Cyclist BikeExchange 11

Far more than just a light, the Australian-designed Fly6 combines a HD camera and rear light into one. The Fly6 records all the action from behind that can be used as safety footage or for putting together a cool YouTube clip of the race or ride. The light itself provides 30 lumens, while the video records at a maximum of 720p, which is enough to read number plates in case of an accident. Most importantly, the camera offers automated looping so that it never runs out of recording memory, and there’s an incident save mode to ensure any important footage is kept safe. And at only AU$199, it's a small price to pay for safety and peace of mind.

Read more about the Cycliq Fly6 and other daytime lights that can improve safety and chances of being seen. We also gave our first impressions of the Cycliq12, the front light / camera partner to the Fly6.

Oakley Jawbreakers

Oakley jawbreaker Christmas Gift Guide Road Cyclist BikeExchange 11

The Jawbreakers are not new, but still one of the most sort after pieces of kit for any cyclist, whether that be a WorldTour pro or bunch rider. Oakley used eye tracking technology with superstar sprinter Mark Cavendish, to get a better idea of what areas he focused on and what areas could be improved. They found Cav spent much of his time viewing the top third of the glasses when he was in an aero position or sprinting for the finish line. As a result, the Jawbreakers offer expanded frame and lenses to improve vision and eliminate black spots found with traditional shaped glasses. The result is a highly functional set of shades that stand out from the rest. Having been around for a little while, the colour choice of frame and lenses has expanded significantly, providing plenty of choice.

Check out our full review of the Oakley Jawbreakers for more info.

Cycling holiday

Tour Down Under Cycling holiday Christmas Gift Guide Road Cyclist BikeExchange 11

Buying an experience is always a winner and will provide long lasting memories. The Santos Tour Down Under is just around the corner and with cycling royalty Peter Sagan set to line up for the 2017 edition, this is one event to look back on and be able to claim you were there. So book your loved one a trip to South Australia to see the race and do some quality riding at the same time. If that doesn't take your fancy, BikeExchange has over 80 other cycling holidays to choose from.

New Bike

Road Bike Christmas Gift Guide Road Cyclist BikeExchange 11

Remember as a kid running to check the Christmas tree first thing in the morning, hoping that Santa had delivered you a new bike? There are few better feelings than jumping on board a new ride so why not go all out and treat your loved one, or yourself, to a brand new bike this Christmas. A new bike is the ultimate present for any cyclist and there are plenty of options to choose from. If you are looking for a great value performance bike, we've put together a couple of short-lists for the best endurance road bikes for AU$3,000 for 2017.

To learn more and get a better idea of what you should be looking for when buying a new bike, check out our Ultimate Guide to Buying a Road Bike to make sure you're on the right path.

If this list still hasn't ticked all the boxes on your list, trying searching over 35,000 bikes and accessories on BikeExchange to get your special someone exactly what they want.

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