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Sell Your Bike

Creating Your Ad

January 30, 2014
Creating Your Ad

Create an advertisement with ease by following our three simple steps that will have your ad online and ready for viewing. Create your ad now!

Step 1: Creating Your Account

  • Simply put in the necessary information about yourself.
  • The more personal information, such as surname and address, will not appear on your ad but is required for security reasons.
  • The red * refers to the required information and the rest is optional.
  • Choose a password that you will remember, keeping in mind that the minimal word length is 6 characters as more characters makes your password more difficult to hack.
  • Add as many contact details as you can. Different buyers often prefer different methods of contacting you.
  • Finally, accept the terms and conditions and then your ready for the second step.

Step 2: Compose your ad/s

  • Choose what categories best suit your bike or bike accessory.
  • Write a title description as well as a short detailed description about your product.
  • When creating your ad/s it is critical that you have the correct type and subtype listed for your bike. These are the criteria that your potential buyers will be searching under. If you don’t have the correct type and brand the buyers will not find your bike advertisement.
  • Use describing words in your title and main description that a potential buyer could be interested in or may use as a Key Word Search for example "Dura-Ace".
  • Try to cover the following points in your description; Age, condition, brands and models of gears, wheels, brakes and tyre type.
  • Bike size; If known, you should list the frame size and a recommended height for a suitable buyer.
  • List the key features; Describe what the bike has been used for, what use the bike is suitable for and any extras that come with the bike i.e. bike computer, lights or lock.
  • Put in the price you want and then your ad fee will be calculated for your own convenience
  • Creating an Ad on Bike Exchange | Sell your Bike Online |
  • Take a good photo of the bike, ensure that the sun is behind you when you take the photo and try to keep the bike within a neutral background.

Step 3: Review, Confirm & Pay

  • A review of your ad will show to help you decide if you would like to proceed, or go back and make some changes.
  • Once you have decided to keep your ad, simply enter in your card details.
  • Enter your card type, the card number, the card expiry, the name on the card and the cards CCV.
  • Confirm your pay and then your ad will be online in no time.

If you have any specific questions about creating an ad, or would simply like to hear more about how to create an ad, please feel free to contact us.