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cycleWELL: A Cycling Retreat for the Mind, Body and Soul

January 13, 2022
cycleWELL: A Cycling Retreat for the Mind, Body and Soul

Peer into any weekend group ride around the country, and you're sure to hear at least one tale of how cycling has put a rider on the road to happiness. After all, recreational cycling and exercise, in general, have long been celebrated for the positive effects they can have on both general and mental health. While many operators exist that focus on the physical enrichment cycling can bring, few, if any, look at tackling the complete suite of benefits that riding can bring to an individual.

Enter cycleWELL, a world-first concept that seeks to deliver coaching and development of a myriad of skills from nutrition, to mental health, wellness and personal leadership. With so much on offer, it's clear to see that these are no ordinary retreats. So with that, we caught up with Ash Bennallack, founder of cycleWELL, to find out what these revolutionary getaways and online classes are all about.

The Road to Better


Initially established to provide riders with the opportunity to find their better, cycleWELL has pivoted in recent times, now offering retreats and services for both men and women in some of the country's most desirable cycling locations. The retreats are aimed at the 90% of us that ride bikes purely for the joy of it, so regardless of your fitness or experience level, there's sure to be an option cycleWELL seeks to help riders increase their performance by providing them with the knowledge and skills to improve all aspects of their physical and mental health.

In essence, retreats have morphed into a personal development weekend, that can also serve as a great weekend away on the bike! A peek at the itinerary shows that each camp packs a substantial amount of value into each schedule.


Such as coaching delivered by experts including mental and physical health, wellbeing, as well as personal leadership and performance. On top of this accommodation (two nights Friday to Sunday), breakfast, coffee and evening drinks (beer and wine) and riding supplements are also included.

Each attendee also has access to optional tailored workshops which are completed in the afternoons, consisting of the Be Well Plan, Precision Nutrition coaching and Group Fitness. While these workshops are optional, they’re the heart of what makes these cycleWELL camps the life-altering experience they can be so all retreat attendees are encouraged to invest in themselves and their wellbeing. Add in being fully supported on each of the structured group rides, and the cycleWELL camps include over AU$1,000 worth of additional value per person!

Alternatively, cycleWELL now offers the option for you to invest your time completing the Be Well Plan through their online portal. The Be Well Plan provides you with over 10 hours of live facilitated coaching through Australia’s most comprehensive peer-reviewed mental wellbeing program.

Stories of Success


The testimonials from previous camp participants paint a clear picture of the different ways a camp such as this can help"hit the reset button on any aspect of who you are" and "become who you want to be."

One such advocate is Martyn Stanley, who recounts that he initially signed up to the first cycleWELL camp as a leap of faith. His reason for joining was that he felt that his mental health and cycling had become stagnant. After four days being of surrounded by like-minded individuals, cycleWELL had helped him re-focus on what's important to him. In addition to this, Martyn stated cycleWELL provided him with the tools to be able to shift his focus back to what matters when his mind starts to drift.

So if you're seeking an environment that can improve your proficiency on the bike, arm you with the tools necessary to step back from the daily grind, take a breath and find your "better", this camp is for you.

How to get Involved

cycleWELL is for like-minded social cyclists looking to get together, ride, drink coffee, have a few drinks, share a laugh and learn the latest science-backed tools to help you take control of your mental and physical well being. At the end of the retreat, or following your online course, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to better cope with the day to day challenges that life throws at us.

So if you’re ready to spark a positive change in your life, you can join the Road To Better at one of the upcoming cycleWELL retreats below;

Thanks to Ash from cycleWELL for providing the insight necessary for this article.

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