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North or South... Which side are you on?

January 11, 2016
North or South... Which side are you on?

Which side are you on?

North or South...?

Where does your allegiance lie? Which side of the fence stokes the fire in the pit of your stomach? Which side are you so loyal to that passion overwhelms reason?

North or South...?

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Our great sport is littered with historic rivalries. One of our favourites: Fausto Coppi vs Gino Bartali; two Italians on the same team, with different legions of fans, preferring to battle each other rather than work together for the team. The Coppiano from the North and the Bartaliani from the more traditional south of Italy. This was a rivalry that would transcend cycling into the political and social culture of their time.

Every town, every region, every country has a divide; a river or a railroad that binds or separates us. Which pack are you part of?

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North or South...?

Represent by showing your colours. CyclingTips and BikeExchange will be selling exclusive kit during the Tour Down Under and you will have the choice... North or South. The designs are opposing, yet matching. The North kit has stripes pointing upwards and is far more understated and proper. The South kit has stripes pointing downwards with a more flamboyant, out-there design.

The exclusive kit will become available for sale online on January 16, 2016. If you are at the Tour Down Under you can see and purchase the exclusive kit at our pop-up store at the Tour Village.


  • Jersey: $140

  • Knicks: $190

  • Gilet: $150

  • Socks: $25

Stock is extremely limited so get in quick.

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