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earHero - From CIA to Cycling

December 04, 2014
earHero - From CIA to Cycling

The moment you tell me there’s an opportunity to trial a device originally developed for covert operations, and I am 100 per cent there, Sierra Foxtrot Whisky. I don’t need to be asked twice. It turns out earHero was originally intended for FBI and CIA agents so they could remain covert and invisible, yet linked to communication. Does this mean I have a chance to fulfil a childhood fantasy of becoming an undercover operator, over?

Negative, ghost rider.

But it does apparently mean I can go for a ride with ear phones that don’t compromise my safety, or that of those around me. So sound awareness remains unaffected, meaning you can have your cake and eat it, too.

It’s in part thanks to the size of earHero that means the ear canal is never fully blocked by the device, hence ambient surrounding noise can still travel in. To our knowledge, these are the only earphones on the market that allow riders to listen to music as well as what’s happening around them.

The wire connecting earHero to my iPhone is super inconspicuous. If I was working in the President’s security detail, this would be a plus. But back in reality, a discreet wire comes in very handy. This way anyone I meet along my ride won’t know I’m cycling to rock ballads – they can just think I normally work at that kind of pumped-up cadence.

That said the only constructive feedback I have is around this actual wire. I found it a little too thin/ discreet at times in that it didn’t take shape easily around the contour of my ear… Or if it did and for some reason it shifted, it wasn’t always straight-forward to get it back into place.

The quality of sound however, was just fine. I didn’t want to use my ears as a guinea pig but I am assuming that if you absolutely blast the volume, then identifying other background noise is probably not going to be so easy. But if you have your volume set at a reasonable level then you really do hear other stuff going on around you, and it doesn’t feel strange.

If I’d had access to this back when I was training for an Ironman, my long and lonesome Saturday rides would have been a lot more enjoyable/ entertaining, that’s for sure.

Over and out.

earHero is available now to buy on BikeExchange!

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