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E-Bikes R Us

January 30, 2014
E-Bikes R Us

E-Bikes R Us Bikes Overview

E-Bikes R Us is an Australian owned and run bicycle designer/manufacturer. Based in Western Australia, Fremantle. E Bikes R Us pride themselves on excellent service and industry knowledge to provide their customers with the best possible experience ensuring quality. E-Bikes R Us focuses on the production of electric and power assisted bicycles but also manufactures folding/portable bikes. E Bikes R Us bike's are a great alternative to motorised transport helping you reduce your carbon footprint. E-Bikes R Us electric bike's are up to date with the latest technology and trends providing an easy, green and healthy way to commute.

"There is one thing that sets us apart from competitors, it is that we have been established for years, we know what consumers are looking for, they want the best at affordable prices. They want reliability and backup hands on service. We guarantee our products. We have a great range of accessories to compliment our bikes. Our reputation is outstanding and we are getting known for our knowledge of electric bikes." - E-Bikes R Us Website 2013

E Bikes R Us Bikes:

Uni Ryder, X-Blade (Folding Electric Bike), Metro Ryder, Urban Ryder, FBI (Folding Bike), Ridge Rider.


Before purchasing an electric or power assisted bicycle be sure to check your state/country legislation regarding registration / licensing, motor size, age requirements and restrictions / regulations.