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BikeExchange Blog - Our Purpose

February 01, 2020
BikeExchange Blog - Our Purpose

Want to know the purpose of the BikeExchange Blog? You've come to the right place. The BikeExchange Blog exists to help inform, educate and entertain cycling enthusiasts and bicycle users along their journey with professional, unique and useful content. It's written and created by bike people, with the greater cycling community in mind.

Our Mission

Offer bicycle enthusiasts the highest quality, most helpful and easily digestible riding and buying advice. All content on the blog is written in an objective, educational, integral and inclusive manner and free to all who visit the site. The aim is to be of service to our audience, add value and worthy of taking the time to read and explore the blog.

We are all passionate cyclists ourselves, we hope that sharing our knowledge will support and be of benefit to our audience.

Our editorial policy

  • When it comes to product reviews; the opinions, findings and publishings of our Blog team are our own.
  • BikeExchange Blog will occasionally publish sponsored or paid content, and when we do, we’ll always be transparent and let you know.
  • We do not steal concepts, writing, imagery or content of any kind for our benefit. We create unique and useful content within our own team and partners.
  • As we’re only human, we may make spelling, grammatical or even factual mistakes on occasion. We strive to always admit to and correct any wrong doings in this regard. Feedback is important to us and always appreciated if you have something to share with us, please reach us at blog(at)

What we do

As of mid-2016, our Blog's core focus is on creating helpful buyer’s guides, product reviews, riding advice and product news across all disciplines of cycling. We will continue to occasionally showcase events, races and other aspects of cycling if it’s thought to offer value to our readership.

How we make money

The BikeExchange Blog is part of the BikeExchange business, an online bicycle marketplace. The marketplace aspect of the business covers much of the Blog’s running costs, with further subsidy coming through the selling of banner ads and sponsored content on Blog pages.

For any further questions, to submit product for review, or to highlight any issues on the BikeExchange Blog, please contact us at blog(at)

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