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Father's Day Cycling Gift Guide

August 16, 2016
Father's Day Cycling Gift Guide

Father's Day is fast approaching so to help ensure you do right by the old man, we've come up with a list of gift ideas for any budget to make dad feel special on Father's Day. Regardless of dad's cycling prowess or chosen discipline, we've got him covered when September 4 rolls around.

Under $50

A gift doesn't have to break the bank to be a winner, after all, it's the thought that counts most. Luckily for riders it's the simple things that can make all the difference.

  1. Cycling socks: Socks may be frowned upon as a traditional gift, but for cycling dads, sock swag is a winner every time. Choose a pair to match his favourite kit, or buy something a little more out there to contrast and make him stand out, just make sure you obey the rule; socks must be above the ankle but below the calf... all else is fair game.

  2. Cycling T-shirt: If dad is keen to look good off the bike as well as on it, get him a cool cycling specific T-shirt. Not only do the T-shirts look good, dad can proudly show off his love of the sport anytime he likes. Apres Velo stock over 50 designs ranging from Alp d'Huez tributes, to Hipster motifs, to the one and only Jensie's favourite line, "Shut Up Legs".

  3. Cycling computer: A practical gift idea for older dads that may have trouble seeing smaller numbers is a wireless computer with a large screen display. A perfect example is the newly designed Velo 7 from CatEye. The larger screen is easy to read and programming is quick and simple. You still get the usual displays and metrics including speed, time, distance, and it only weighs 28 grams.

  4. New handlebar tape: Few things can improve the look of a road bike more than fresh, clean bar tape. Crisp new bar tape and a good clean will have dad's bike looking in showroom condition. Wrapping bar tap is a pretty simple thing to do, so this is one present dad can receive on Father's Day and use straight away. A perk of buying this as a Father's Day present is that it's cheap and very often comes in multiple packs, so you could always keep some for yourself!

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Under $100

  1. Bike Tool Kit: All dads love to tinker with things. For some it's the car, for others it's all the AV equipment in the house, and no doubt for our audience, it's the bike. To help dad improve the state of his workshop, why not buy him a good quality bike tool set and he can play with his beloved bike until his heart is content.

  2. New tyres: A practical and potentially trendy gift idea, is a set of new tyres. It's one thing most riders leave too late to change, so get dad some new rubber to improve his performance and also reduce his chance of getting a flat. The most fashionable addition you can make to your bike at the moment is dressing up your wheels with a set of gum wall tyres. This retro look has made a huge re-emergence in recent times and can lift the character of many bikes - it's not for everyone though!

  3. Hydration bag: For the dad's that love to mountain bike or go on long touring rides, a hydration bag is the gift that will keep on giving. The 'Rogue 2L' from CamelBak is as good as it gets with a 2 litre reservoir that can be refilled on the fly via the quick-release flap on the front of the pack. There are two external pockets for small personal items such as keys and a wallet, and it comes in four colour options.

  4. Indoor trainer: Some cycling dad's can't go a day without getting on the bike, but sometimes the weather makes that hard work, or down right dangerous. To help dad out, here's a bargain indoor trainer from Vulcan that will keep dad's legs ticking over no matter what Mother Nature throws at him. The Vulcan magnetic resistance trainer takes up very little space and can easily be set-up in front of the TY or laptop to help those miles tick away quicker. Many indoor trainers retail for over $500, so this is an absolute bargain.

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Under $300

  1. Buy an experience: Instead of buying a gift, why not buy an experience? Enter yourself and dad into a cycling event and enjoy a shared experience that will last long after the event itself. There's an event to cater for every dad's fitness level and chosen discipline. Take your pick from the Giro della Donna, ORICA-BikeExchange Winery Ride or many of Rapid Ascent's adventure races as a start.

  2. New sunglasses: A guaranteed winner for the dad that loves to ride is a new set of shades. The most popular and prominent sunglasses brand across all cycling disciplines is Oakley, and their Radar EV's with Prizm lenses are top shelf. The sunglasses went through a transformation with the help of sprint King Mark Cavendish, to increase the field of vision and make them more comfortable. Regardless of what kind of riding dad does, he'll love these.

  3. New shoes: Sneaking into the sub $300 category thanks to a current sale, are the Empire's from Giro. These lace up shoes are a throwback to a by gone era before BOA's and buckles. The Empire SLX's are crazy light, 175 grams for a size 42.5 (per shoe), and thanks to a one piece upper, are super comfortable too. They come in road and MTB so regardless of what kind of riding dad does, there's an option to suit.

  4. Bike work stand: It's not going to win an award for the flashiest Father's Day present but it will get more use than you could possibly imagine. A bike work stand will allow dad to do many things to his bike so much easier than before. With the bike off the ground cleaning is a breeze, the drivetrain is now close to eye level making it easy to adjust, service and lube, while accessing underneath the bottom bracket and chain stays is a far less labourious process. The Park Tool PCS10 has a cam-type clamp system that allows single action closing and fully adjustable pressure so dad doesn't have to worry about damage clamping onto carbon seat posts. The three-point leg system provides superior stability without taking up too much space. And it can hold up to 45kg, which will easily cater for any bike (except a motorbike!).

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Money is no object

  1. A New Bike: Obviously Father's Day is good, but to make it amazing, make it 'New Bike Day' as well. If the budget allows it, why not completely spoil dad with a new ride? Get him that new shinny road bike that he's been drooling over to raise his performance to elite level (in his mind anyway) or a new MTB steed that can make light work of the roughest trails. Obviously this is a big purchase, and one that you want to be 100% confident he'll love because a bike can be a very personal thing. To make sure he is getting the bike of his dreams, get in touch with your local store and let them know what you have planned. They can assist with the purchase or look after him if he is fortunate enough to go into the store and take his pick. Alternatively if you'd like to go it alone, check out our Ultimate Guide to Buying a Road Bike to make sure you're on the right path.

  2. Cycling holiday: Bikes and kit may come and go, but experiences remain with you forever. So how's this for the ultimate Father's Day present? Get dad a cycling holiday to one of the professional races in Europe. What could be better than organising a cycling holiday to the Tour de France for a cycling mad dad? Or perhaps a trip to the Giro d'Italia to ride the famous Dolomites and fill up on the regions finest produce and wine. Even a week in Northern France to soak up the atmosphere of the Classics. The only problem you'll have is trying to beat that gift next Father's Day!

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