Bicycle Frames

December 09, 2014
Bicycle Frames

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Bicycle Frames

The frame of a bike is the most important part, as it holds every major piece in place. The front of a frame holds in place the saddle, front fork and bottom bracket. The rear of the frame holds in place the seat stays, chain stays and seat tube.

There are a number of different frames which suit the diverse terrains and styles of riding, allowing riders to reach maximum potential from their bikes. The list below briefly demonstrates the different types of frames available.

Road Bike Frames

Are best suited for on-road riding as they are thin and light, perfectly designed for the smooth terrain and high-speeds. Road frames are built from a number of different materials, but the most common are carbon, steel and alloy.

Road Bike Frame

Mountain Bike Frames

Are thicker, heavier and stronger than road frames. Mountain Bike frames are designed to suit the all round bike as they can be used for off and on-road riding. There are three different styles of Mountain Bike frames available; Rigid, Hard Tail and Dual Suspension. These styles refer to the types of suspension, a very important factor to consider when Mountain Bike riding. The Rigid frame has no suspension, the Hard Tail frame has front fork suspension and the Dual Suspension frame has both front and rear suspension.

Mountain Bike  Frame

BMX Bicycle Frames

Are mainly built out of steel and aluminium. Similar to the Mountain Bike frame, a BMX frame is versatilely built to suit the different styles of BMX riding. The different styles of BMX frames available are race, dirt jumping and freestyle.

BMX Bicycle Frame

Triathlon/Time Trial Bicycle Frames

Are built for speed and are designed for on-road riding. The main materials that are available for Time Trial frames are Carbon, Steel and Alloy.

Triathlon Time Trial Bicycle Frame

Track Bicycle Frames

Are most commonly used for the velodrome and are designed to be light and rigid in order to obtain maximum power. There are a number of different materials that Track Frames are built out off, but the most commonly used is carbon fibre in the elite level.

Track Bicycle Frame