Road Bike Frames

December 09, 2014
Road Bike Frames

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Road Frames Overview

The geometry of a road bike frame is something that varies in accordance with the purpose of the rider. Simply broken down there is a relaxed, intermediate and aggressive frame geometry. Road frames are made with emphasis on weight because they are built for speed and less weight means more speed.

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The most commonly used materials in road bikes are listed below:


Carbon is amongst the most popular these days with the benefits being light weight, strength and very good absorption from road shock (bumps, pot holes, etc). Carbon is a versatile material meaning it can be shaped into almost any form which is great for reinforcing specific areas of a bike for increased stiffness or absorption.


Titanium is being increasingly used in bike frames. It has a very high strength to weight ratio which means it can be used make very light and stiff bikes however it is very expensive making it inaccessible for a lot of cyclists.


Steel has for a long time been the most widely used material in bikes. Its benefits are its strength, ease to work with and relative cheapness. Its downside is that it is heavier than many materials making it less competitive in road riding cycles.


Alloy frames have lower density and lower strength compared with steel frames but they do have a better strength to weight ratio, giving it a notable weight advantage over steel frames.

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