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La Musette (SA) 

November 06, 2014
La Musette (SA)

Kat and Steve
3/15 Moseley St, Glenelg South Australia
Tues/Thurs 4pm-9pm, Sat/Sun 8am-4pmish
Rest of the week – whenever the flag is out!
Patio beans on 678 South Rd, St Marys
Cyclists love:
Fresh baked treats that change every day. Think apricot cardamom tarts, apple cake hot from the oven, chocolate fudge cake…
$4 – all served in mugs (except for short blacks), no saucer!

La Musette Cafe Cycling Adelaide

A few years back Kat and Steve were out on a ride when they took a fuel stop at a café, only to be served by frowning staff. It got them talking – how great would it be to open a coffee shop specifically for cyclists? The penny dropped – they had a shop. It was on a main cycling thoroughfare, it’s just that it was Kat’s art gallery at the time. What if it could be morphed into a café…?

That was two years ago, and Steve and Kat are now contentedly flat out running La Musette in the beachside town of Glenelg, South Australia. We call it a café but it’s pretty much an unofficial club without compulsory membership criteria.

Named after the food ‘pouch’ carried by cyclists, La Musette has to be up there with one of the country’s most cycling-friendly cafes. It’s run by riders for riders and feels like nana’s kitchen, where everyone converges for a fresh slice of cake, a cuppa and a ride related chat.

Cycling Support

At La Musette you’ll find a bike pump, spare tubes, Allen keys, CO2 cartridges, and other bits and bobs to take care of basic maintenance. Spare computers are also on hand with USB connectors for charging lights, HRMs, etc. There’s a range of batteries for various bike components should anyone get caught unawares, and full internet access for uploading/comparing rides, cloud storage, social media boasting, etc. If ever anyone comes in having bonked, they’ll be served coffee and delectable carbohydrates and not allowed back on the bike until Kat’s declared them recovered. If they’ve no money, that’s ok – La Musette is big on old-school values and happy to run IOUs. They’ve even had customers return six to 12 months later with reimbursements Kat and Steve had long since forgotten.

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No Trashy Mags Here

Forget lifestyle mags and real estate catalogues – La Musette reading consists of ‘The Rider’ by Tim Krabbe, the ‘Cyclist Training Bible’ by Joe Friel and plenty of other cycling related biographies and books. La Musette regulars can delve into a quality read at the café, or take the book home and return it when they’re done.

Pro Bike Maintenance

If you’re a serious road cyclist in South Australia, chances are you’ve heard of Paul from Cycle2U Mobile Bike Mechanic. The name is self-explanatory, and the man behind the business is a world-class bike mechanic and a former top-level racer. Paul sets up shop outside La Musette every Saturday from 10am until later in the afternoon. La Musette manages an automated booking and job tracking system for Paul and have organised his own custom coffee cup and brew.

So it’s a two-stop shop on Saturday: get your bike repaired, fixed or tuned by Paul, and get your body and soul nourished by La Musette. And nourish they do…

Mobile Cycling Mechanic Adelaide

Nom Nom Nom

Banana pancakes with poached fruits and yoghurt on top, rock cakes, homemade pastries, homemade chickpea and sweet potato burgers, a massive ‘desordre’ (or big mess) omelette with a stack of veggies… The menu is small, superb in quality, and ideal for a carbo-loading cyclist. Leave your gels at the door here!

La Musette Food Cycling

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The Coffee Hit

Here’s where things get even more interesting. La Musette serves all coffee using their own unique method. In some cases beans are roasted by hand in a wok, and all coffee is extracted using elegant old-school vacuum syphons. It’s an expensive, difficult and very manual process but Kat and Steve (and their ever-faithful customers) need no convincing that it’s all worth it. There’s no take away coffee as the duo believe this dilutes the club atmosphere; they want their customers to sit down, engage in a ritual of enjoying quality conversation, quality coffee, quality time. There’s skinny, soy, almond and lactose-free milk on the menu, and La Musette alternates between Alexandrina Cheese Co and Paris Creek as they’re the creamiest most delicious milk the crew has ever sourced.

Kat also makes her own spiced Chai mix – a secret blend without any badditives.

La Musette Coffee

Much, much more than a café – just ask Geoffrey

It’s a La Musette tradition for regulars to return from holidays with tacky souvenir gifts for the café. From Gold Coast snow domes and bejewelled Ganeshas to a cat print bag from Japan and a kitsch mini gondola from Venice – there’s no end of travel style icons here.

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Popular regular Geoffrey once went overseas and so La Musette created a ‘Where’s Geoffrey?’ sign. A friend kept them in the loop with Geoffrey’s adventure so that each day the café could update the sign with a list of places visited, a few photo shopped landmarks etc. A photo of the sign was printed on a mug, which Geoffrey now uses every time he’s in.

La Musette Cycling Curios

Who rides to La Musette?

La Musette gets every kind of rider! From weekend warriors to seriously talented cyclists. From those whose bikes are blinged to the max, to the more humble steed. They’re even frequented by riders of period vintage bikes that have been restored to their former glory and ridden in correct kit (read leather cleats and woollen jerseys).

This year one regular, a Port supporter, made a deal that if Port got into the finals he would ride to Mt Lofty instead of his regular weekend beat to Outer Harbour. If they got to the next round he’d ride Mt Lofty AND Outer Harbour. If they got to the Grand Final he’d do Lofty twice AND Outer Harbour. Kat kept him going with plenty of chocolate baking and thinks he was possibly quietly relieved they didn’t make it all the way to the GF this year.

Steve and Kat also ride to La Musette. In fact – they do everything by bike as they don’t have a car. Kat shops for the café food using her bike, and Steve collects the coffee beans by bike.

When they’re not fuelling hungry cyclists, the two are artists and work to create time to paint, to code and to make jewellery, all of which is for sale in the café. But don’t try and call them. They’ve shut down their account so they can run a business and have a life, and not spend half of it on the mobile.

We love that!

La Musette Cycling Bunch

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