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Argo on the Parade (SA)

January 17, 2015
Argo on the Parade (SA)

Argo Breakfast

Details, Argo on the Parade:

The Milky family

212 The Parade, Norwood, Adelaide

Monday –Friday, 6am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday, 6.30am – 5pm

Monastery beans (also owned by the Milky family)

Cyclists love:
Heart Beet cold-pressed juice (beetroot, apple, lemon, ginger)

$3.50 for a macchiato / $3.60 for milk based coffee

Argo On the Parade

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The story behind the Milky family and how they got their name is a pretty endearing one.

The grandparents arrived in Australia from Lebanon some 60 years ago. Unable to quite grasp the correct pronunciation of their name, an Immigration official wrote what he thought most closely resembled the real deal.

And so the Milkys settled Down Under.

True to their heritage, the first generation Milkys wasted no time establishing a thriving Deli in Norwood. The business was eventually sold, but the building didn’t really take on another iteration… it just sat there waiting. Third generation Daniel Milky and his siblings (six sisters and a brother) discovered that the property was back on the market, so they seized the day and set about establishing Argo on the Parade, which now has to be one of the busiest cafes not only in Adelaide, but South Australia.

This place rocks from the moment doors open at 6.30am, right through to close, and it’s no wonder.

There’s over 40 cold pressed juices on the menu and coffee comes from the nearby Monastery Roastery (also owned by the Milkys, along with another Argo, a snack bar and a juice store – you get the feeling there are some very proud grandparents in this family). Almost everything’s made fresh on site, and the small number of cakes and biscuits not baked at Argo are still handmade by other families in the area.

Daniel and his family make a point to sell only produce from South Australia or Australia and they’re big on vegan, paleo and gluten free, but really there’s plenty to appeal to any tastes. Two of the most popular choices on the menu for cyclists, aside from cold pressed juices and coffee, are the Açaí Bowls (açaís, coconut water, vegan protein powder, bananas, granola and strawberries) and the Nutty Banana Bowls (bananas, peanut butter, maca, raw cacao, rice milk topped with granola and fruit). Winners!

The space is plenty cool as well – graffiti outside wall, hanging plants (as well as little potted plants on tables), groups spilling out onto the street tables and a great little outside section off the side. This place has a great vibe. But it’s the riders who are the grinners in the morning – with such an early (6am) start, they can get their coffee hit as they head to the nearby Adelaide Hills, and then come back for a fresh juice and bite to eat once the hard yards are done.

This is a must-visit during the TDU!

Argo barista

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