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Early Release 2017 Giant Road Range

June 24, 2016
Early Release 2017 Giant Road Range

Giant have given us a little teaser of what we can expect from them in 2017 with an 'early release' of most model details, specifications and prices. Here is a sneak peek at the 2017 Road Performance range featuring the latest TCR, Propel and Defy bikes.

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TCR Disc Range

The new TCR Disc range includes three series: TCR Advanced SL Disc, TCR Advanced Pro Disc and TCR Advanced Disc. Each disc version providing the benefits of the traditional TCR with enhanced stopping power in any conditions.

The fork has changed to feature a thru-axle design which Giant says will 'help boost steering stiffness' and 'when combined with the OverDrive 2 steerer tube and MegaDrive downtube, the result is razor-sharp handling and cornering precision.'

The 'PowerCore' bottom bracket and rear triangle has also been changed to accommodate for the flat-mount disc brakes but Giant say the disc ranges maintains 'the stiffness and efficiency that the TCR range is known for.'

Each purpose-built frame is engineered with flat-mount disc brake technology for the most consistent braking power in all conditions. And the new front (12 x 100mm) and rear (12 x 142mm) thru-axle setups produce a race-tuned ride quality with unrivaled precision and steering stiffness. The TCR Advanced SL Disc and TCR Advanced Pro Disc models also come equipped with Giant’s SLR Disc WheelSystem and all-new Gavia SLR tubeless tires to boost efficiency, comfort and control.

The TCR Advanced 1 Disc Green will retail for RRP AU$2,999 with prices of the entire range to be confirmed shortly.

The range includes;

  • TCR Advanced SL Disc which will feature SRAM Red eTap, flat mount disc brakes, front (12x100mm) and rear (12x142mm) thru-axle technology, Giant SLR 0 Disc Composite Centerlock WheelSystem, and Giant Gavia SLR tubeless 700x25c tyres. All on board the Advanced SL grade composite frame which has a bright Orange colourway that will draw attention.

  • TCR Advanced Pro Disc uses Advanced grade composite material for the frame, features Shimano Ultegra Di2 with the same flat mount disc brakes, thru-axle technology and Gavia SLR tubeless tyres, but with the SLR 1 Wheelsystem instead of the SLR 0.

  • TCR Advanced Disc shares the same frame as the Advanced Pro but with Shimano Ultegra mechanical in place of Di2. The wheelset is Giant's PR-2 disc with Giant P-SL 1, 700x25c tyres.

TCR Advanced SL Disc - AU$8,999

Giant TCR ADSL D BikeExchange 2017

TCR Advanced Pro Disc - AU$5,299

Giant TCR ADPRO D BikeExchange 2017

TCR Advanced 1 Disc - AU$2,999

TCR ADV 1 D Green


Giant's flagship performance road bike the TCR has had a facelift in 2017 and introduced a range of highly anticipated disc equipped versions. The 2016 edition made huge strides forward in stiffness, ride quality and weight reduction thanks to a re-engineered frame. The 2016 TCR frame featured new tube shapes, less volume, a new variant seat post and was complemented by Giant's own proprietary SLR wheel system.

The geometry and build of the 2017 TCR is the same as 2016 but the new range features new and vibrant colourways, the latest wireless shifting technology from SRAM and disc brake options.

The range includes;

  • The TCR Advanced SL 0 features Advanced SL grade composite frame and fork, SRAM Red Etap groupset with a modern 52/36 front and 11-28 rear set-up, and Giant's SLR 0 Composite DBL WheelSystem. A remarkable package made even more remarkable with a RRP of AU$8,499.

  • The TCR Advanced SL 1 is also electronic but in the form of Shimano Ultegra Di2, and the wheelset changes from the SLR 0 to the SLR 1. The SL 1 will retail for AU$5,999.

  • The TCR Advanced Pro 0, 1 and Team editions represent possibly the best value performance road bikes on the market. The Advanced Pro 0 will retail for AU$4,999, Advanced Pro Team for $3,999 and the Advanced Pro 1 for AU$3,799. The only real difference between the Advanced Pro 0 and 1 is the choice of mechanical or electronic Shimnao Ultegra. Both feature Advanced grade composite frame and fork and Giant's SLR 1 Composite DBL WheelSystem with Giant Gavia SLR tubeless, 700x25c tyres. The 'Team' edition, has all of that and a limited edition pro-team colourway so you can feel like a member of WorldTour team Giant-Alpecin.

  • The TCR Advanced 2 and 3 share the shame Advanced grade composite frame and fork, but the Advanced 2 features Shimano 105 groupset and Giant P-R2, whereas the Advanced 3 build consists of Shimano Tiagra and Giant S-R2 wheelset. The Advanced 2 RRP AU$2,299 and the Advanced 3 RRP AU$1,899.

TCR Advanced SL 0 - AU$8,499

TCR ADSL 0 Red Comp

TCR Advanced SL 1 - AU$5,999

Giant TCR ADSL 1 Ui2 BikeExchange 2017

TCR Advanced Pro 0 - AU$4,999

Giant TCR ADPRO 0 Ui2 BikeExchange 2017

TCR Advanced Pro Team - AU$3,999

TCR ADPRo Team Comp

TCR Advanced Pro 1 - AU$3,799

Giant TCR ADPRO 1 BikeExchange 2017

Advanced 2 - AU$2,299

TCR ADV 2 Blue

Advanced 3 - AU$1,899

TCR ADV 3 Comp


The Propel has long been the pinnacle of aero performance and in 2017 gets a new colourway and sees the introduction of SRAM eTap to the top-of-the-line Advanced SL 0 version.

  • The Propel Advanced SL 0 has the same stiff Advanced SL-grade composite frame with integrated seat post and fork featuring an OverDrive 2 steerer remains, as does the black and blue theme that has featured on the SL 0 for the past 3 years, albeit with a different feel. The introduction of SRAM eTap is an exciting edition and will help reduce the overall weight to an aero bike that was already class leading in that category. Giant uses its own SLR 0 Aero Composite DBL WheelSystem to round out this elite aero road bike.

  • The Propel Advanced SL 1 follows a similar story to its TCR equivalent. It too is electronic but in the form of Shimano Ultegra Di2, and the wheelset changes from the SLR 0 Aero to the SLR 1 Aero. The SL 1 will retail for AU$6,299.

  • Prepare to stand out if you opt for the Propel Advanced Pro 1. The same great value and performance remains for the 2017 edition of the Advanced Pro 1 but a new Neon Red colourway will ensure you're noticed. With the exception of the integrated seat post, the Advanced Pro 1 closely resembles the Advanced SL versions, Advanced grade composite frame and fork, Shimano Ultegra mechanical groupset and the aerodynamic Giant SLR 1 Aero Composite DBL WheelSystem. The Advanced Pro 1 will retail for AU$3,999.

  • The Propel Advanced Pro 0 tones down the Neon Red colourway, opting for a more subtle black with orange highlights, has electronic instead of mechanical Shimano Ultegra groupset and upgraded SLR 0 Aero wheels. The Advanced Pro 0 will retail for AU$5,999.

Propel Advanced SL 0 - AU$8,799

Giant Propel ADSL0 RED BikeExchange 2017

Propel Advanced SL 1 - AU$6,299

Giant Propel ADSL 1 BikeExchange 2017

Propel Advanced Pro 0 - AU$5,999

Giant Propel ADPRO 0 BikeExchange 2017

Propel Advanced Pro 1 - AU$3,999

Propel ADPRO 1 Red


The Defy gets a new colourway for 2017 while retaining many of the same things that make it a great bike. The Defy Advanced Disc line up all get new dropouts front and rear, and move to flat mount disc brakes and 12mm thru-axles.

The Defy Advanced Pro 0 frame and fork is Advanced grade composite material with 12mm thru-axles front and back to accommodate for the hydraulic disc brakes. Shimano Ultegra Di2 is the groupset of choice and the wheelset is Giant's SLR 1 Disc Composite Centerlock WheelSystem with Giant Gavia SL tubeless, 700x25c tyres. The Advanced Pro 0 will retail for AU$5,499.

The Defy Advanced Pro 1 closely resembles the Pro 0 with the except of mechanical Shimano Ultegra is place of electronic. The Advanced Pro 1 will retail for AU$4,299

The Defy Advanced 2 and 3 share the same Advanced grade composite frame but different wheel and groupset selections. The Advanced 2 has Shimano 105 and Giant PR-2 disc wheels, whereas the Advanced 3 has Shimano Tiagra groupset and Giant SR-2 disc wheels. The Advanced 2 will retail for AU$2,999 and Advanced 3 for AU$2,699.

Keep an eye out for more versions of the Defy to be released shortly. In other major news, the new Giant 'Contend' range replaces the budget-orientated Defy Alloy series.

Defy Advanced Pro 0 - AU$5,499

Giant Defy Advanced PRO 0 BikeExchange 2017

Defy Advanced Pro 1 - AU$4,299

Giant Defy ADPRO 1 BikeExchange 2017

Defy Advanced 2 - AU$2,999

Giant Defy Advanced 2 2017 BikeExchange

Defy Advanced 3 - AU$2,699

Giant Defy ADV 3 BikeExchange 2017

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