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Handmade Bicycle Show Australia 2019 Highlights

April 29, 2019
Handmade Bicycle Show Australia 2019 Highlights

Now in its second year after a short hiatus, the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia returned to North Melbourne this past weekend, bringing with it, some of Australia’s and the worlds best custom bicycle, component and wheelset manufacturers.

With approximately 27 builders in attendance showcasing their wares, as well as some of the industry’s most desirable component and accessory manufactures, join us as we take you through our highlights of the 2019 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia.

Bastion Cycles

Founded by a trio of engineers caught in the wake of the collapse of the Australian automotive manufacturing industry, Bastion Cycles have quickly asserted themselves as one of the biggest names in the local custom bike manufacturing market. With frames made from 3D printed titanium lugs bonded to hi-modulus carbon fibre tubing, Bastion had several bikes on show. These include the company’s first Gravel offering, aptly named the “Cross Road”, it's stapled Road Disc and a very special Superleggera Disc, custom designed for none other than recently retired professional bike racer Simon Gerrans.



All of the painting is done in-house at Bastion’s Melbourne Workshop.


A closer look at a cross-section of the 3D printed titanium lugs manufactured in house by Bastion.



Every Bastion bike that rolls out of the workshop features custom engraved dropouts. This particular engraving gives a hint to the owner of this bike.

Baum Cycles

Operating out of Geelong’s North Shore shipping district, Baum Cycles is arguably the most recognisable custom bike manufacturer on this list. With a long history of producing custom steel and titanium bicycles, Baum is shifting with industry trends for 2019, unveiling an all-new range of gravel bikes. Sitting pride of place at the Baum stand was the custom steed belonging to its first brand ambassador, Phil Anderson. The first non-European to wear the yellow jersey at the Tour de France, Phil’s bike is a modern take on the Peugeot Pro-10 he rode from 1981 through 1983, with subtle nods to his iconic steed found in the paintwork.





Based in Melbourne, Gellie custom bikes are custom designed, engineered, built and painted by the man behind the brand, Ewen Gellie. A former national downhill mountain bike champion turned mechanical engineer, Ewen prides himself on his work with butted steel tubing and custom engineered frame components all of which contribute to a trademark supple ride. Gellie had three bikes on the stand this year, a road disc, gravel and a wild tandem complete with monster 200mm hydraulic disc brakes.





HTech Bikes

At just 21 years of age, head builder at HTech Bikes Hayden Francis showcases extraordinary skill and dedication with his handmade wooden bicycles. Proving what is possible with modern hollow frame wooden bicycles, the Aeriform Disc featured is manufactured from Blackbutt timber and is reinforced with carbon fibre. The frame is pieced together using Isoloc joints filled with epoxy resin and features internal cable routing, aero tube profiles and a press fit bottom bracket.




Llewellyn Custom Bikes

Established in 1988, Llewellyn Custom Bicycles are products of master craftsman Darrel McCulloch. The “Custodian” pictured here is an example of just what is possible with hand cut and hand polished steel lugs. The lugs pictured here were estimated to take around 250 hours from raw steel lugs to the finished product. This includes cutting the intricate designs by hand, mating them to the Colombus Spirit for Life tubing and hand polishing them to the chrome-like finish.




The lugs pictured on this bike were the demo lugs bought along to last years show.


From this to this...


...To this

Lost Workshop

Founded in 2018, The Lost Workshop is a relative newcomer to the hand made bicycle scene. 2019 represents its first appearance at the handmade bicycle show, showcasing its completely custom fillet brazed steel road bikes. Each bike is completely custom from the ground up, unique to the customers' needs from the geometry and tubing to the components and paintwork.




“Ride Far, Get Lost” A motto I’m sure we can all live by.


Hailing out of Perth, Western Australia, Mooro Cycles returned to the HBSA once again in 2019, showcasing it’s stunning titanium road bikes. Quickly gaining a solid reputation in the custom manufacturing game as a result of the stunning titanium anodising and Aboriginal dot painting, Mooro Cycles recently returned from the North American Handmade Bicycle show where they were named finalists for best artwork at the show.




All of the traditional aboriginal dot painting is taken care of by brothers Rohin (Dushong) and Bradley (Yombish) Kickett.



Also on show was a custom anodised titanium tube, showcasing just what is possible with modern anodisation.



Founded in 2000, with an extensive background building boats utilising composite materials, Bob Parlee and his company are continually driven by the simple, yet lofty goal of producing the best bikes in the world. Handcrafted by a talented team of craftsmen, Parlee is all about creating carbon fibre bikes and frames defined by their targeted performance and tailor-made fit.




The paint on this Z-Zero Disc is something else…

Also hiding off to the side was the recently announced RZ7 aero road bike. The RZ7 was unveiled at Sea Otter in April and is said to usher in a “New-Era of Parlee”. Just 100 bikes will be made with this particular bike number 1 of 100.




Founded by ex-race car engineer and bicycle fanatic, Mark Hester, Prova Cycles are manufactured out of a facility in Melbourne that Hester shares with Bastion Cycles. The name Prova is Italian for test and develop and represents Mark’s desire to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible with handmade steel bicycles. The Speciale pictured here represents what Mark deems as his interpretation of “the ultimate steel road disc bike”.




Woods Bicycle Co.

The brainchild of two bicycle loving brothers, Zac and Josh, Woods Bicycle Co. was born out of a desire to showcase their knowledge of fabrication and passion for riding with the handmade frame showcased here. Josh’s iteration of the ultimate race bike, the bike featured here sports an aggressive geometry, modern styling, a considered build kit and one of the sleekest headtube badges we spotted on the showroom floor.





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