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Australia's Hottest Bike Shops - Ride Advice

November 02, 2015
Australia's Hottest Bike Shops - Ride Advice

Believe it or not, but once upon a (not very long time ago), Ride Advice Cyclery was the only bike shop in the city area of Perth.

Now there are four within a hop, skip and jump of each other, and bikes buzzing all over the city as busy commuters get to and from work.

Owners Carlo and Steve realised early on in the piece that this part of town was in need of a bike shop. With so many workers from the nearby mining and industry parks it seemed straight forward that a bike shop would come in handy.

Fast forward four years and Ride Advice seems like it settled in many moons ago. It’s the go-to shop for Specialized in Perth, but is also home to Focus and Cervelo bikes as well as Mavic, Fulcrum, Zipp, Hed and plenty of other brands to keep us bike nutters nutty. Although road and triathlon take up a lot of the shop floor, mountain bike and kids bikes still get a serious look-in.

Carlo and Steve are passionate cyclists (Carlo has represented Australia on the track and comes from a racing background) and the store does more than just sell bikes.

ride advice cervelo bikes

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There’s a great Saturday morning ride that does the 50km river loop at a really civilised pace. It’s all about the social side of riding rather than testing who can drop whom.

For the last two years Ride Advice has also sponsored the local Telstra Triathlon series, and can be found on-the-ground at events helping with mechanicals and selling last-minute urgently needed parts and accessories. They also support local triathlete talent including Alistair Caird and Katie Gibb.

Along with the help of manager Paul, the shop has expanded up, with a whole new floor now storing more bikes as well as a bike fitting station. Paul is the resident Body Geometry bike fitting expert, having spent time over in Specialized’s Melbourne head office learning from the best. It’s a service that has started to gather a lot of momentum among Ride Advice clientele, many of whom might have purchased their bike some time ago and just want the (objective) peace of mind that they’ve got a bang-on fit.

It sounds like a cliché – queue the violin, we know – but what really makes this store hot is the service. The shop has taken to opening a bit earlier so commuters can come in, drop off their bike and still get to work on time. Everyone on the floor is a rider and has been linked to the cycling industry for years, so the latest info and advice is at their fingertips. They’re not the kind of team that’s going to want to make a quick sale out of you. They’d prefer you got the right advice and that you come back for more.

ride advice counter

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It’s a good attitude that is paying off, to the point where the team is now expanding sideways – they’ve just taken out the lease next door and built a mezzanine level into that, too. It will be home to a specialist training centre, Velo Sport. The business also looks set to be home to a great café – watch this space.

It’s the perfect pairing – get your gear at Ride Advice then literally walk a few paces down the footpath and straight into Velo for your workout and caffeine hit.

Coffee, bikes, carbos – who wouldn’t want to settle in?

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