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MTB - a Woman's World 

January 03, 2015

Jess Douglas is a three-time 24H MTB World Champion. Along with her partner Norm she owns MTB Skills, a mountain bike skills school with outlets in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania and Singapore.

Few people are better placed than Jess to talk about the rise and rise of women in mountain biking.

A pocket rocket of inspiration, talent and mental toughness, we caught up with Jess to find out why more women are turning to mountain bikes, what has stopped them from doing so in the past, and where the sport’s going for females.

We also find out what makes a MTB World Champion tick for 24 hours during an endure race and plenty more.

BikeExchange was a guest at the Mt Buller Chalet during the inaugural Mt Buller MTB Summit.

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