; Liv Giant's Jo Hall
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Don't Rely on Jo to Pick You Up

August 04, 2014
Don't Rely on Jo to Pick You Up

In June this year, Jo Hall clocked up ten years with Giant Bicycles (is that a golden bike milestone, we wonder?). She was a Customer Service Manager when presented with the opportunity to head up Liv, the company's global bike brand made exclusively for women. That was over three years ago, and Jo has been on fire taking the Australian Liv movement from strength to strength, partnering with an impressive group of female cycling ambassadors and establishing enormously popular Liv rides in every state but for Tassie (which is on her radar).

I grew up in…

I am reading…
Well it can't always be about bikes - you have to break it up every now and again. So I am reading Dwell Magazine.

People tell me I am… Shorter than they thought.

My life is linked to the cycling world because…
It all started when I was seven years old and I got on my first bike. Dad just gave me a bit of a push and off I went. I would say I stayed on… Loosely.

My favourite cycling story to tell around the dinner table is…
I've got a few! A few of us once took someone for a ride who was pretty new to the sport. At some point we realised that she was not going to be able to make the whole distance, so I offered to go back, grab the car and come pick her up whilst she waited with another mate. As I was riding back, I came off the bike and must have knocked myself out. I eventually got back on and rode back to the car. I hopped in and drove home. Once I got back, my flatmate asked where the others were. What others? He said I'd been out riding with these mates. I was adamant I hadn't been on the bike and he didn't know what he was talking about. Meanwhile the others were back on the road wondering where I'd gone and what I was doing. I ended up in hospital. Someone else ended up picking them up!

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A typical working day for me involves…
We have a three year old so the typical working day for me is pretty structured. It starts at 6am and it's all hands on deck straight away. We get through brekkie and dressing before it's off to day-care and then I arrive at work. I'm a Giant Customer Service Manager as well as Manager for Liv. So in this role I keep in touch with our Liv ambassadors, make sure everyone's metaphorically riding the same road, I organise clinics and workshops for female cyclists and make sure our Saturday morning rides are running smoothly. We are just finalising an agreement with Breast Cancer Australia [editor's note - this interview took place earlier in the year], our first official NGO partner, which I am really looking forward to. This has come about in part due to Tour de Crawf, but also because so many of us know so many others who have been affected by cancer. Part of our work in this partnership will be to support females with cancer by creating riding opportunities for them. I try to cut up my day with a lunchtime run. The evening works a lot like the morning, but in reverse!

When I get spare time, I…
Ride my bike

Over time, my list of injuries now includes…
I have definitely lost a fair amount of skin from when I first started mountain biking. Probably my worst injury occurred when I had a head-on with a 15 year old who was on an off-road motorbike. I was on my mountain bike and definitely came off second best. I severed my patella tendon. This happened back in a world without mobile phones, so I had to jump on the back of the motorbike and be taken to the nearest home, from where an ambulance was called. It was pretty ugly at the time. It's all good now, though!

If I could ride anywhere tomorrow, I'd go… / Because…
Anywhere in the bush on my mountain bike because it's fun

If I could go out for a ride with anyone, it would be… / Because…
With my partner because she is my mate and we both want to stay fit and healthy

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