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Honouring a Fallen Mate for a Good Cause

September 29, 2018
Honouring a Fallen Mate for a Good Cause

Mateship, honour, and sacrifice. They’re core values that lay at the foundation of every Australian. Nothing typifies this spirit quite like the story of Melbournian John Linke and his selfless act of sacrifice, all in the name of raising awareness for a cause near and dear to any cyclists’ heart.

John isn’t your average Australian, not at least when it comes for his penchant for wringing every ounce of endurance out of his body. After the tragic passing of close friend Andrew McArthur, whom was fatally injured after being knocked off his bike by a car door earlier this year, John felt compelled to raise awareness. Not only for his fallen mate but for the safety of all cyclists that are all too frequently victims as a result of distraction or lapses in concentration from other road users.

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A reasonable last week of training. Now just to do this all in one go next Friday! (5th Oct, starting Midday) I’m going to ride ? for 24 hours around Albert Park Lake. I’m doing it to play my part in raising awareness for cyclist safety on the roads. I aim to use my personal challenge to generate a conversation between you and; family members, friends, co-workers, crew mates, team mates. Around the importance of watching for cyclists on our roads. You can support me and the cycling community by simply having a conversation and sharing this message. Remembering that every cyclist is somebody’s son, daughter, Brother, sister, father, mother, friend or lover. And deserve to arrive home safely. please repost!

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“My intention is to simply do my part to raise awareness towards the respect that is needed between cyclists and motorists and highlight the care that must be taken on the roads.” To achieve this, John will be taking to the roads around the famous Albert Park lake in Melbourne, for a 24 hour long ride in memory of his mate, and to raise awareness of the importance on road safety.

Being a cause that’s close to our hearts, both us here at BikeExchange and John himself invite any cyclists local to Melbourne to join him. Be it a silent lap in support of anybody who has too lost, or who has been affected by a cycling accident, or just to show your support for the cause of increasing awareness for the safety of cyclists on our roads, this is a cause we can all get behind.

John’s ride kicks off at 2pm on Friday October 5th, and will be taking in counter clockwise laps of the famous Formula One Circuit. Anyone is welcome to join in, so if you’re in the area and want to show your support, please join John next Friday. For more information, check out the event page here.

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