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Say Goodbye to Straps

September 18, 2014

Our favourite Head Helmeteer, Sean at Lazer, introduces us to the new Lifebeam technology. Lifebeam does away with heart rate monitor straps and instead enables your helmet to read your pulse via the temple, and then deliver it wirelessly to whatever device or app you prefer to use. It’s got our hearts racing!

The technology has apparently evolved from Israeli fighter jet pilots, who were the first to use the innovative pulse registration concept, which is claimed to be more accurate than more traditional methods used by athletes.

From a comfort perspective, the really great thing about Lifebeam Lazer helmets is that they do away with yet another strap to wear around the chest. Working on ANT+ and Bluetooth, the Lifebeam Lazer helmets are three years in the making. Smart phone apps currently on the market can also register distance as well as pulse.

This product is set to launch in October 2014.

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