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Cool Kits - Lumiere Cycling

August 17, 2015
Cool Kits - Lumiere Cycling

Lumiere Cycling is an emerging Australian Cycling brand intent of creating cycling kit that turns heads. We caught up with Matt and Joe as the team prepares to launch its first season.

How did this all come about?

We have always chatted about the idea of producing cycling kit. Late last year we began researching various manufacturers and then this year we have spent our time testing different cuts and fabrics. It has been a very intense process and we decided early on if we were happy with the end result then we would proceed in launching our cycling apparel brand. So far so good.

What inspired you to create your own kit / brand?

We felt the need to move away from the mainstream cycling kits. Don't get me wrong, we are both huge fans of various mainstream brands yet we thought we could create a more boutique/exclusive kit that makes you turn your head when someone cycles past, leaving you saying "did you see that kit? It's awesome". We are targeting cyclists who have an appreciation for good design and individuality.

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What was / is your vision for the brand?

Our vision for the brand is to grow organically. We are currently in the process of producing limited edition runs of kit with the end result being an exclusive, uniquely designed kit with an impeccable fit - manufactured from the best Italian fabrics. We are testing a number of other garments to grow our range but we will only put something to the public once we know it is of the highest quality and we know it will impress anyone who buys it.

Lumiere 7

What is the meaning behind Lumiere?

Our name stems from something every cyclist can appreciate. It is what a cyclist yearns every time they ride. Lumiere is that golden hour sunrise, those long sunny days and those magical sunsets. It's that simple, Lumiere is light.

What is involved in the creation of your kits?

We involve ourselves in every step of the brand. We brainstorm the ideas and then take it back to our designer, she then gets the designs ready for print. It is important for us to remember that an idea can look very different from paper to screen and then once produced, therefore we go through all the stages before we put something into final production.

We use Italian MITI fabrics for our jerseys and fully pre-dyed Italian Lycra for our bibs. We also use what we believe is the most comfortable and form fitting Cytech chamois available, the "Road Carbonium". The fit is Pro - Race cut, so it's tight and very form fitting with subtle tailoring. Our jersey has an extended sleeve length and a dropped collar. Through thorough testing from various riders with a variety of body types we are now super happy with every aspect of our kit. From the feel, the fit, the fabric, the zip, the colours; its all in the details. We are really happy that we have under taken an lengthy testing period, it has allowed us to made a lot of changes to the cut and feel of the kit. We are now 100% content to put our kits to the market.

Lumiere 3

How would you describe your style?

Ours kits evolve from all aspects of everyday life. We are inspired by the things we see around us. As cycling is a part of the everyday, we wanted to incorporate our personal style into our passion.

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What kind of riding are you guys into?

Both of us are keen cyclists and have been cycling for years, Matt is doing some big kms and come summer races in the local crits, during winter he'll be out racing in the local club races. Whereas Joe is more of a social cyclist, getting out on some early morning rides and spending the weekends in the hills.

Where are you based?

Melbourne, Australia; in our totally biased opinion, the best place for cycling enthusiasts! We are lucky to live in a city where cycling is so popular and the cycling culture is so strong.

Lumiere 1

What separates Lumiere from others?

Lumiere is driven by a passion for cycling. No matter what type of cyclist you are, whether you are into racing or just want to get out for an afternoon ride in the hills, you should not only look good on the bike but also feel comfortable. Whilst design is obviously a big part of our kit, we have paid just as much - if not more - attention to ensuring that our cut and fabrics are pure luxury. When someone wears our kit, we want them to feel as good as they look.

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What does the future hold? World domination?

Ha ha hardly. We want to share our kits with other like-minded cyclists. We are going to continue to test a number of other garments and are looking at new designs, which we will be bringing to the public in the not-too-distant future. We are taking our time to make sure that what we put to the public is something with which we are 100% happy. We want to be in this for the long haul and ensure that we are offering a premium product that is of the highest standard, so it not only looks good, but feels great on.

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