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New 2024 Cannondale SuperSix Evo 4

March 02, 2023
New 2024 Cannondale SuperSix Evo 4

After being piloted to countless wins underneath the riders of its WorldTour trade team, Cannondale has finally peeled the curtains back on the all-new SuperSix EVO. Now in its fourth generation, the SuperSix EVO has seen a comprehensive overhaul resulting in a race focussed bike that’s both lighter, faster, and easier to live with daily. So without further ado, read on for ten things to know about the all-new Cannondale SuperSix EVO.

1: LAB-71: Performance First


The SuperSix EVO represents the first release from Cannondale to adopt the range-topping LAB71 moniker. LAB71 represents Cannondale’s skunkworks race-focussed division, not unlike AMG for Mercedes or BMW’s M Division. Aimed squarely at racing, in a separate release Cannondale stated that LAB71 represents the “pinnacle of cycling performance” and is the “crown jewels” of its product line-up.

Strip the marketing jargon aside, and seeing substance to the nameplate is refreshing. The highest tier LAB71 SuperSix EVO scores a completely revised carbon lay-up over its Hi-MOD and Carbon stablemates dubbed Series 0. The Series 0 construction uses a special carbon fibre and nano-resin layup that is claimed to yield exceptional strength and stiffness and allow its engineers to achieve more with less material. The result is a frame that weighs in at a svelte 770 grams (size 56, fully painted).

2: Faster Everywhere


As a race bike, the fact that aerodynamics underpin the focus of the new bike should come as little surprise, but the claimed improvements in efficiency look set to have a tangible difference in the real world. The team behind the brands’ wind-cheating SystemSix aero bike were deployed on the project to make an all-around race bike that delivers aero bike drag numbers without the weight or other downsides.

Thanks to its refined frame shape and working in unison with its other updates detailed below, Cannondale claims the new platform saves 12 watts at 45kph over [its predecessor.] It’s not just faster than the outgoing model; Cannondale also claims it's faster than its key competition in the Specialized S-Works SL7 Tarmac (4 watts) and Trek Emonda SLR (12 Watts).

Despite making claimed improvements to the aerodynamic efficiency of the frame, Cannondale says the geometry, stack and reach are unchanged from the outgoing model. The only change is on the sizing front, with Sizes 60 and 62 frames being consolidated into a single size that Cannondale calls size 61. Size 61 frames feature a 600mm effective top tube length, which sits smack bang in the middle of the two sizes, while stack figures are stated at 60.5cm, which is slightly shorter than the 61.4cm and 63.4cm for the current size 60 and 62 frames at present. The reach figure sits at 40.3cm, which splits the difference between the two sizes in the outgoing line-up.

Cannondale has stayed the course on tyre clearance, with 30mm of tyre clearance on offer. This is a conservative figure; however, as the brand says, this is with 6mm of additional clearance on either side. Theoretically, if you're happy to run the risk, there's space for even wider rubber.

3: System Weight Savings


As hinted above, a significant amount of weight has been cleaved off the latest iteration of the SuperSix EVO, with its range-topping LAB71 said to weigh in at 6.8kg for a complete Size 56 painted bike (without pedals). This is a saving of 600 grams compared to its predecessor.

Elsewhere in the range, Cannondale touts impressive weights for its Hi-MOD frame, weighing in just 40 grams more at 810g. This is achieved by using the brand’s famous blend of hi-modulus carbon fibre. At the other end of the spectrum, the Carbon models feature a mix of hi-modulus and intermediate-modulus carbon fibre layers, resulting in a slightly heavier frame weight of 930g.

Each model in the range features the same frame shapes and integration possibilities detailed below, so while minor changes in ride quality may be perceived, they look marginal at best.

4: Aesthetic Goals


Sitting third on the priority list for Cannondale’s design team was the bike's aesthetics. The three points to nail were “break the mould of conventional aero tubes”, challenge colour, material and finish boundaries, and flawless component styling. If we’re being honest, while the dropped seat stay styling doesn’t really “break the mould”, although credit where credit is due, the new design does offer a host of subtle tweaks mostly centred around the sweeping stay stay design that does separate it marginally over the current crop of do-it-all race bikes that feature a strikingly similar silhouette.

On the colour, materials and component integration, though, while looks are subjective, we’d have to say that this is the most dialled colourway offering from a big brand seen in years. With splashes of colour and stylish touches adorning every bike in the range, we’d happily admit that there isn’t a single colourway we wouldn’t happily throw a leg over, let alone hang on the wall afterwards.

5: All-New, Motorsports-Inspired Cockpit


Further adding to the aerodynamic efficiency and weight savings is an all-new cockpit dubbed the SystemBar R-One designed in unison with Italian outfit MOMODesign. The firm has a long and rich history in the automotive industry, turning its hand to everything from steering wheels, footwear and helmets to urban mobility options. Utilising the drag-reducing shapes cooked up by Cannondale’s design team and aerodynamicists, MOMODesign added a number of ergonomic tweaks and design additions to make for a one-piece bar stem combo that combines form and function.

The System Bar R-One features on the LAB71 SuperSix EVO, the Hi-MOD 1 complete bikes, and the LAB71 frameset. Elsewhere in the range, longtime component partner Vision provides its Trimax aero handlebar.

6: An Updated Wheel Platform


Developed alongside the R-ONE cockpit was an all-new 50mm deep tubeless compatible Hollowgram wheelset. With two models available, the R-SL 50 and R-S 50 feature the same hooked 21mm internal, 32mm external width rim shape. The main change is in the spoke and hub options available, with the R-SL using Aerolite Spokes and DT-Swiss 240 hub internal, making for a wheelset that is said to weigh in at 1,520 grams. The R-S is 90 grams heavier and uses DT-Swiss 350 internals.

7: Innovative Integration


Much like its predecessor, the team at Cannondale have gone to great lengths to conceal the cabling on the latest SuperSix EVO. The big change, outside of the cockpit upgrade is an all-new steerer tube design. Named the Delta Steerer tube, the updated triangular design is claimed to have a smaller frontal profile, aiding in aerodynamic efficiency. At the same time, the cable routing has also seen an update. While its predecessor saw the cabling enter in front of the upper headset bearing, the new design runs the cables on either side of the delta-shaped steerer tube through the headset bearing, which will likely upset home mechanics. The integrated cabling is consistent across the entire product line-up, meaning that all bikes from the LAB71 to the Carbon models feature the same sleek, cable-less look.

8: Quality of Life Features


Despite taking what mechanics would argue is a backwards step on the cable routing, Cannondale has added a number of quality-of-life features to the frame that should make servicing somewhat easier. Despite debuting the BB30 standard, for the fourth iteration of the SuperSix EVO, Cannondale has opted to go with a 68mm BSA bottom bracket standard. Annoying creaks be gone!

Gone are proprietary thru-axle standards, with the updated model running on standard 12x100 front and 12x142mm rear thru-axles from Syntace. The Di2 battery placement has been shifted, too, with a dedicated port now added just in front of the bottom bracket, which should mean that swapping out Di2 wires can be done without removing the crankset. Finishing off on the components front, all models in the SuperSix EVO range are compatible with the SmartSense system of Garmin lights and radars featured on the Synapse.

9: Pricing

The all-new SuperSix EVO range is set to be available in three different levels, LAB-71, Hi-MOD & Carbon.


The range-topping LAB71SuperSix EVO is set to be offered on local shores both as a frameset-only option and as the following complete builds:


SuperSix EVO LAB71: RRP$17,499

Series 0 carbon frame, Shimano Dura-Ace 12spd Di2, SystemBar R-One, HollowGram R-SL 50 wheels, CeramicSpeed BB, Continental GP5000 25mm tyres.


SuperSix EVO LAB71 Frameset: RRP$6,999

Series 0 carbon lay-up, integrated cable routing w/ switchplate, 12x100/12x142 Syntace thru-axle, Cannondale C1 Aero 40 seatpost.


The SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD will also be available both as a standalone frameset and as the following complete bikes:


SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD 1: RRP$15,999

Hi-MOD carbon frame, SRAM Red eTap AXS 12spd, SystemBar R-One, HollowGram R-SL 50 wheels, SRAM Red DUB BB, Cannondale C1 Aero 40 seatpost


SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD 2: RRP$11,999

Hi-MOD carbon frame, Shimano Ultegra 12 spd Di2, Vision Trimax handlebar, HollowGram R-SL 50 wheels, SRAM Red DUB BB, Cannondale C1 Aero 40 seatpost, Cannondale Conceal stem


SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD Frameset: RRP$5,299

Hi-MOD carbon lay-up, integrated cable routing w/ switchplate, 12x100/12x142 Syntace thru-axle, Cannondale C1 Aero 40 seatpost.


The SuperSix EVO Carbon will be available as the following complete bikes:


SuperSix EVO 1: RRP$9,999

Carbon lay-up, SRAM Force AXS 12spd, Vision Trimax handlebar, HollowGram R-S 50 wheels, SRAM DUB BSA BB, Cannondale C1 Aero 40 seatpost, Cannondale C1 Conceal stem


SuperSix EVO 2: RRP$8,399

Carbon lay-up, Shimano Ultegra 12spd Di2, Vision Trimax handlebar, HollowGram 45 wheels, Shimano BSA 68 BB, Cannondale C1 Aero 40 seatpost, Cannondale C1 Conceal stem.

10: Availability

The entire SuperSix EVO range is available in limited numbers from selected Cannondale retailers Australia-Wide right now. Get in touch with your nearest bike store for local availability, or contact our customer service team and let us take the leg work out of finding your next dream ride.

Pricing is correct at time of publishing. Specification may be subject to change

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