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Wahoo launches POWRLINK Zero power meter pedal platform alongside all-new smart KICKR ROLLR

February 23, 2022
Wahoo launches POWRLINK Zero power meter pedal platform alongside all-new smart KICKR ROLLR

First hinted at in 2021 with the release of the regular Speedplay range re-release, American fitness technology company Wahoo has pulled the curtains back on a power meter equipped variant of its SPEEDPLAY pedal platform. Promising class-leading accuracy and a host of other features, the POWRLINK ZERO power meter pedals are said to provide everything a rider needs to “track, analyse and advance their cycling performance.”

Alongside the POWRLINK, Wahoo has also announced the ROLLR, the latest addition to the KICKR smart trainer family. Designed for hassle-free training and smooth ride-feel, the ROLLR utilises a ready-to-ride dual roller design that is somewhat of a departure from its direct-mount and wheel on siblings.

So with two all-new products on the same day, we’ve sifted through the details and compiled what to know about the Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO and KICKR ROLLR.

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At A Glance

POWRLINK ZERO Dual AU$1,499.95


KICKR ROLLR + POWRLINK ZERO Single Bundle AU$2,049.95

  • Availability: Available from your local Wahoo Retailer right now.

  • POWRLINK ZERO Weight: 250g (POWRLINK ZERO Single), 276g (POWRLINK ZERO Dual)

  • ROLLR Tyre Clearance: 53mm, KICKR ROLLR.

  • Power Accuracy: +/- 1% POWRLINK, N/A KICKR ROLLR

Powered Up Pedals


Based on the iconic dual-entry SPEEDPLAY road pedal system, the POWRLINK ZERO is now available in single-sided and dual-sided options. The platform is built around the SPEEDPLAY ZERO pedal system, which enjoyed a loyal following before being updated and relaunched in 2021. Like the rest of the SPEEDPLAY range, POWRLINK ZERO features dual-sided entry, a low 13mm stack height, a q-factor of 55mm and between 0 and 15º of pedal float.

Wahoo says the POWRLINK platform achieves the same +/-1% accuracy as found in the flagship KICKR series of smart trainers. The rechargeable battery is claimed to provide a class-leading 75 hours of ride time per charge, while connection to third-party apps and devices is handled via ANT+ and Bluetooth protocols. Couple these features with the fact the POWRLINK ZERO is also backwards compatibility with legacy SPEEDPLAY ZERO cleats, and the new system looks to be a serious competitor to the Favero Assioma and Garmin Rally pedal-based power meter systems.


The new POWRLINK ZERO is claimed to weigh in at just 250 grams for the single-sided option (left power measurement only) or 276 grams for the dual-sided option. The new power meter offering complements the existing Wahoo SPEEDPLAY pedal system line, which consists of the COMP (AUD$229.95), ZERO (AUD$349.95), NANO (AUD$699.95), and AERO (AUD$459.95).



Boasting a dual roller-based design and an impressive set of features, the all-new KICKR ROLLR looks to be a compelling indoor training option for those who want the convenience and natural ride feel of rollers with the benefits of controlled resistance and connectivity.

Designed to accommodate a wide range of frame and tyre sizes via a quick-release adjustable wheelbase clamp, the main drawcard of the ROLLR is that it is said to make it easy to take bikes on and off, making it ideal for those who want to transition from indoor training to riding outside quickly.

With the integrated tyre gripper, the ROLLR allows even the most balance-challenged cyclists to experience the natural ride feel of rollers. This is said to make getting on and off the bike surprisingly easy while also providing a stable platform for out-of-the-saddle efforts. Wahoo claims the ROLLR will accommodate tyres up to 53mm wide.


It’s worth noting that while KICKR ROLLR can be controlled through ANT+ and Bluetooth protocols, there is no cadence or power meter integrated into the unit itself. That being said, Wahoo claims the ROLLR seamlessly connects to bike-mounted ANT+ power meters to piggyback off your existing power and cadence data. For riders who don’t yet have a power meter, Wahoo is offering a bundle that includes both the KICKR ROLLR and the Wahoo SPEEDPLAY POWRLINK ZERO single-sided, pedal-based power meter.

The KICKR ROLLR has an RRP of AUD$1199.95 or AUD$2049.95 bundled with the SPEEDPLAY POWRLINK ZERO single-sided power meter and is available at through authorised Wahoo retailers.

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