; Australian Olympic Medallist Erin Densham
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Lucky She Didn't Stick to Just the Bike! 

August 05, 2014
Lucky She Didn't Stick to Just the Bike!

To the average Australian, professional triathlete Erin Densham is best known for an incredibly gutsy bronze medal performance during the London 2012 Olympic Games, where she led for the majority of the race until the very final sprint to the finishing line. For triathletes around the country however, she has long been regarded as one of our finest female pros and is an eight time ITU (International Triathlon Union) gold medallist . We caught up with Erin during her holidays.

I grew up in…
Campbelltown, NSW.

I am reading…
Hmmm,  I've read lots of different books since I've been on holidays. As sad as it may be top admit it, I don't mind a good Mills and Boon book. I also like Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts books.

People tell me I am…
Well…….that depends who you ask.

My life is linked to the cycling world because…
I compete in triathlons. I must admit, before I started triathlon I had a little dabble in just cycling. Can't say I enjoyed it all that much. Probably because I wasn't very good at it. But I also didn't train for it at the time, so maybe that was why.

A typical working day for me involves…
Training, massage/physio, eating, sleeping, repeat.

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When I get spare time, I…
Don't do a great deal because I usually can't be bothered. But I'm on holidays at the moment and most of my time is spent at the beach.

Over time, my list of injuries now includes…
Stress fractures - one in the foot and two in the tibia. Broken wrist from falling off my bike two days before World Champs in 2005, hamstring tendonopathy, which is chronic so I have certain exercises I have to do to keep that at bay. I've also had my fair share of health related issues with Glandular Fever, Pneumonia and a heart condition that required an operation. Throw in the common cold and flu and needless to say I've been on quite a rollercoaster throughout my career.

If I could ride anywhere tomorrow, I'd go… / Because…
The Costa Blanca, and Girona in Spain, Haute Savoie in France. These places have great roads to ride and spectacular scenery. But, there are plenty of other places out there that I am yet to explore.