Pinarello Bikes

July 22, 2014
Pinarello Bikes

Pinarello Bikes Overview

Pinarello has a rich Italian history and tracks back as far as 1922. Giovanni Pinarello began making bicycles at a young age of 15 and was even an amateur cyclist himself. In 1925 Pinarello achieved it’s first recognition of a gold medal at the prestigious Milan Bicycle Fair. Having been a racer himself, Pinarello was prominent in sponsoring teams, which is a tradition that has been carried on throughout it’s history and now is the bike of choice for Sky Pro Cycling, Team Movistar, and the British track team.

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2013 Pinarello Road Bikes:

DOGMA 65.1 Think2, Dogma2 Carbon Carbon 60HM1K Torayca®, DogmaK Carbon 60HM1K Torayca®, DOGMA® 65.1 Think2 - Carbon Torayca® 65HM1K, FPDUE™ Carbon 24HM12K, FPQuattro™ Carbon 30HM12K, FPTeam™ Carbon 24HM12K, FPUNO Carbon 24HMUD, MAAT™ Pista Aerospace Carbon Torayca® 60HM1K, PARIS® Carbon Torayca® 50HM1.5K, PISTA™ Aluminium 6061 T6 Triple Butted, ROKH™ Carbon 30HM12K, ROKH™ Carbon 30HM12K.

2013 Pinaerllo Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes:

FT1™ Aerospace Carbon Torayca®, FT3™ Aerospace Carbon Torayca® 50HM1K, GRAAL™ Crono Aerospace Carbon Torayca® 60HM1K.

2013 Pinarello Cyclocross Bikes:

FCX™ Cross Disc Carbon 30HM12K.

2013 Pinarello Fixie Bikes:

TREVISO Aluminium 6061T6.

2013 Pinarello Flat Bar Road Bikes:

TREVISO Aluminium 6061 T6.

2013 Pinarello Vintage/Classic Bikes:

CATENA Acciaio CrMo - Vintage, VENETO CrMo Vintage.

2013 Pinarello Mountain Bikes:

Dogma XC Carbon 60HM1K Torayca®, Mantha Aluminium 6061 T6 Triple Butted.

2013 Pinarello Urban Bikes:

ONLY THE BRAVE by DIESEL - Aluminium 6061 T6 - Hydroformed - Aluminium Fork.

2013 Pinarello Youth Bikes:

FPZERO KidsBike Aluminium 6061 T6.

2012 Pinarello Road Bikes:

CATENA Acciaio, Dogma Carbon, Dogma2 Carbon, DogmaK Carbon, FPDUE Carbon, FPQUATTRO Carbon, FPUNO Aluminium, LUNGAVITA , Paris Carbon, Rokh Carbon.

2012 Pinarello Triathlon/Time Trial/Track Bikes:

PISTA Aluminium, XTRACK Carbon, FT1 Carbon, FT3 Carbon, GRAAL Carbon.

2012 Pinarello Cyclocross Bikes:


2012 Pinarello Fixie Bikes:


2012 Pinarello Flat Bar Road Bikes:

TREVISO Aluminium.