Power Assisted Bikes

February 24, 2015
Power Assisted Bikes

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Power Assisted Bike Overview

Power assisted bicycles (also known as electric bicycles) are bikes with a motor attached. What separates these bikes from motorcycles is that they can still be peddled and they have limited motors. Power assisted bikes can be regular mountain bikes with an after market motor attached. Alternatively, you can buy specifically designed power assisted bicycles, most of which are electric bikes and already have a motor attached.

The motors can be petrol (petrol powered motors may be illegal depending on which state you are in) or electric powered. Electric powered motors are the most common option. Most power assisted bikes can reach speeds in the high twenties (km/h) and can travel for around forty kilometers before needing to be recharged. These bikes are often ridden by the elderly or by people who want the easy option of getting from A to B.

Characteristics of Power Assisted Bikes

  • Easy to use.
  • Great for fitness.
  • Good for long rides.
  • Reliable.
  • Environmentally friendly .
  • Has an electric motor.

Power assisted Bike

Power Assisted Bike Brands

Power assisted bikes are becoming increasingly popular in part due to rising petrol prices and wider environmental footprint recognition. Power assisted bike brands are constantly developing new technologies to power the bike at higher speeds for longer distances whilst being functional and reliable. See the list bellow for popular brand power assisted bike brand choices.

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