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Rack it Up - Bike Storage Simplicity

October 30, 2014
Rack it Up - Bike Storage Simplicity

For someone with four bikes in her apartment kitchen, to say a bike rack is handy is an understatement.

Even if you’re more fortunate than me in the space department, bike racks come in handy for undertaking basic bike maintenance or for helping the garage to feel a little less cluttered.

So what’s a stand-out about this model?

Firstly – the fact it’s Aussie owned and made (and patented). Independently those features are becoming an increasingly rare commodity, but the fact this product ticks both boxes makes it especially impressive.

Installation is easy and – for someone like me who is daunted by even the most basic IKEA flat lay – it’s pretty straight forward as well. You can mount this to a wall tiles, stucco/plaster, wood, brick or concrete and it comes with all the hardware you need for assembling to a drywall.

No rust – this is made from reinforced glass-filled nylon so even if you live along the coast you can set it up outside without concern about rusting.

How much does your bike weigh? Highly likely it’s not 20kg, which is the holding capacity for this rack. So it can comfortably take on the bike, the shoes, the helmet and the accessories and you’re probably (hopefully!) still under the limit.

If you need to rack it up, check it out.

rackitup bike rack angle