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Reid Urban X2 Hybrid / Commuter 

April 02, 2015
Reid Urban X2 Hybrid / Commuter

I’m new to riding.

Well, new in the sense that before I received my current road bike as a birthday gift the most recent ride I’d done was a gorgeous day trip exploring the streets of Stockholm on a ‘trusty, slightly rusty’ city rental.

So, when I had the chance to take the Reid Urban X2 hybrid/commuter bike for a spin for the week, I got excited thinking of the fun I’d had in Sweden. Or, was that excitement because I got side-tracked thinking about the bakeries I visited that day?

In any case, back to the bike.

I’m really fortunate in that I have easy access from my home to the bike trails, so I can get to work without crossing any major roads. The perfect testing ground to trial a new bike.

Reid Urban Bike

The first impression I got of the Urban x2 was that for a commuter bike and alloy frame, it didn’t feel too weighty or cumbersome as I lifted it up and secured it to my car’s bike rack. For some reason I have this thought that a commuter/hybrid bike is incredibly heavy but maybe that’s flashbacks to my childhood riding an oversized red Repco.

The second impression was the colour or, maybe, lack thereof. I’m not big on look-at-me details and that’s what instantly appealed to me about this bike. It’s androgynous in appearance with a matte black palette. With just a touch of metallic red, in the form of a geometric pattern across the frame’s top tube and some splashes of red on the chainstays, this bike has a subtle edgy urban vibe.

DSC 3335

As mentioned, I do have a road bike and I use cleats so when I first got on the bike, instantly the freedom of not having to clip in or out was a tick in my books.

The bike felt like I was always in control, very stable and super comfortable. Even after the longest ride (24km, which I know is not that long!), I still felt incredibly comfy and relaxed. The alloy flat bars I’m sure helped me assume a good position the whole time.

DSC 3393

Changing gears was effortless with the Shimano 9-Speed. What I really liked were the grips. I didn’t wear gloves on any of my rides and I was really pleasantly surprised just how comfortable the grips were – no rubbing or chaffing. Speaking of comfy, the ‘city comfort’ saddle is aptly named; no false advertising there. No need for padded knicks; your Lululemon tights will be just fine on their own.

Was there anything I didn’t like? I can honestly say no as it really did exceed my expectations of a commuter bike. If I was really being picky? Yes, still no negatives.

If I was to sum up the Reid Urban X2 hybrid/commuter bike in a sentence I’d say it’s a super comfy, reliable and stable ride that’s the textbook answer for a new-ish, urban commuter.

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