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Rule #47 

October 27, 2014
Rule #47

Velominati Rule #47 is a good one (like pretty much all of them, actually):

Cycling and beer are so intertwined we may never understand the full relationship. Beer is a recovery drink, an elixir for post-ride trash talking and a just plain excellent thing to pour down the neck. We train to drink so don’t fool around. Drink quality beer from real breweries. If it is brewed with rice instead of malted barley or requires a lime, you are off path. Know your bittering units like you know your gear length. Life is short; don’t waste it on piss beer.

Far be it for us to start breaking any rules, which is why we’re thankful Victorian high country beer makers also happen to enjoy a cheeky ride in-between brewing.

Inspired by the wisdom that pours from every word of Rule #47 comes a beer so thirst-quenching, so refreshing, that it must surely be the ultimate way to finish a bike riding smashfest.

And it hasn’t gone unnoticed that this is a great excuse for a bunch of beer-brewing mates to catch up for cold one and call it work.

Rule 47 beer 2

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Bridge Road Brewers (Beechworth), Bright Brewery (Bright), Black Dog Brewery (Taminick) and Sweetwater Brewing Company (Tawonga South) are the bike riding, beer-brewing geniuses to have come up with the aptly named “Rule 47”.

A liquid collaboration designed to showcase Victoria’s High Country Brewery Trail, Rule 47 features hops grown in the region’s alpine valleys.

2014 marks the second iteration of Rule 47; this time around the team has crafted an Indian Pale Ale style of beer with a Belgian white ale. The crew created the brew by hopping up a Witbier base with Aussie grown Enigma and Summer hops. They then pumped up the hoppiness by running it through a hop-back full to the brim with new and “unnamed experimental hop flowers” (that got our attention) from the Rostrevor Hop Nursery.

The result – a big, juicy 6.6% alcohol beer with strong fruity hop flavours that really dominate the profile. The perfect drink after a high country ride.

Rule 47 is now on tap at all four high country breweries. Get your bike there now, and be sure to work up a thirst along the way...

Rule 47 Beer

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