February 23, 2015

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Bike Seats & Saddles

A saddle is another term used when referring to a seat in the bicycle world. There is a very wide variety of saddles on offer in today’s bicycle market. All saddles essentially serve the same purpose but different saddles are used for different styles of riding. There are a range of different materials used for saddles and your choice on which suits you is vital as it will determine your comfort on the bike. If a saddle is hard, that does not mean that it will not be comfortable. Make sure you have the right seat for not only the right bike but also the style of riding you will be doing.

Road Bike Saddles

A road saddle tends to be hard, thin and light so that the rider is kept in the one spot for the duration of a long ride.

Road Bike Saddle

Mountain Bike Saddles

Given most mountain bikes will be scaling some pretty rough terrain, mountain bike saddles tend to be thin but come with plenty of padding to help look after the tush when sailing over bumps!

Mountain Bike Saddle

Comfort Saddles

Welcome to the good times! As their name suggests, comfort saddles are all about keeping the behind as comfy as possible, so they’re wider and more padded than most other types of saddles, and are preferred by riders who are more into casual outings versus serious sessions on the bike.

Comfort Saddle

Banana Saddles

Not edible, banana saddles are named as such due to their extra length. Papa cool banana saddles will often be seen on cruisers and low-riders.

Banana Saddle