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SealSkinz Ultra Grip Hi Vis Gloves

July 28, 2015
SealSkinz Ultra Grip Hi Vis Gloves

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Anyone riding through winter in the southern states of Australia will feel our pain, all too familiar with those mornings when it’s in single figures; the wind is howling, droplets of rain are dotting the concrete as you roll down the driveway. Pretty soon you can’t feel your fingers, your ears hurt and you can’t help but pray you remembered to charge your Garmin, because if this ride doesn’t make its way onto Strava or social media you’ll give it away.

Well, SealSkinz might have just come up with a solution to one of those problems.

SealSkinz Ultra Grip Hi Vis gloves are totally waterproof, breathable and windproof. They come with dotted palm and fingers for grip and merino lining for warmth and moisture control. SealSkinz gloves are inspired by nature, engineered to provide a snug, warm fit, while keeping your hands completely dry in winter’s harshest conditions. The big problem with other waterproof gloves? They are often cumbersome and stiff, making performing the task at hand a struggle. SealSkinz has created a product that manages to provide all of the insulation of a rigid waterproof glove that’s supple enough to flick through gears, and even change a tyre on the go. They’ve called it StretchDry Technology.

Don't forget, it's important to stay hydrated in winter

But how can a product keep you dry, while also breathing enough to keep sweat away from your hands? Layers, that’s how. SealSkinz Ultra Grip gloves feature a three layer construction: the outer lining, the hydrophilic StretchDry membrane, and the inner merino wool lining.

The outer lining is made from a combination of Nylon and Elastane and designed to repel as much water and wind as possible. It’s not possible to stop all water from getting through the outer layer, but SealSkinz are designed to dramatically slow the process of water travelling through to your skin.

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The hydrophilic membrane is the main line of defence stopping large water droplets from getting through, but at the same time drawing tiny beads of sweat away from the skin. A Sealskinz membrane is a bit different though. They have managed (they won’t tell us how) to apply stretch to their membrane, making their gloves comfortable and dextrous.

SealSkinz also keep your hands incredibly warm. They’ve added merino wool to the combination of Nylon and Elastane creating a near perfect layer of insulation. These gloves will keep you so warm that you will sweat once you get moving, but the StretchDry membrane does an amazing job of drawing that moisture away from your skin.

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And then there’s the grip. The Ultra Grip line are worthy of their name. We put them through their paces (we really did this) and during our photo shoot spent a great deal of time handling solid ice. It surprised us not only that we couldn’t feel the cold, but also just how easy it was to grip the ice. The dotted palm and fingertips really make all the difference giving you control over whatever you are doing, whether it’s throwing a snowball, or cycling through options on your cycle computer.

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