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Tough as Nails - SOS Eyewear Review

August 11, 2014
Tough as Nails - SOS Eyewear Review

BikeExchange went to Bootcamp to bring you this article… Or at least, that’s how it felt!

SOS Military Sunglasses™ are not your average, run-of-the-mill shades. They’re worn the world around by police, fire fighters, military personnel and ‘first responders’ for serious eye protection. We’re not sure the odd head wind calls for this kind of force in sunnies, but certainly if you’re planning a ride in extreme conditions then it’d be worth checking these out.

Firstly, all of the shades in their Military range feature Z87.1 Impact Resistant Shatter Proof Polycarbonate Lenses, meaning they’re going to withstand a heck of a lot thrown at them. Their frames are made from super light, flexible, durable Grilamid TR90, so you’re going to need to do a lot more than accidentally sit on them to cause any damage.

With sunnies like this, nobody’s surprised to hear they come with a lifetime replacement guarantee as well as full spectrum UV protection.

We tapped into our inner Macguyver with three different styles.

What Bear Grylls wore before signing sponsorship deals

So apparently back in the day when Bear Grylls was doing his thing, but sponsors weren’t looking, he chose to wear SOS Expedition sunnies. Going by the looks of them, these are the sort of sunnies that would attract a Navy SEAL’s attention. The lens is 35 times stronger than glass and they’re scratch resistant, so they’ll endure a lot of wear and tear without compromising your view (for when you’re commando rolling out of a moving hovercraft).

We’ll be frank – the cushioned SofTouch™ temple tips and nose pieces are a little unfamiliar at first. It’s like a cushioned web around the frame that not only means it sits softly around your eyes, but it fully encloses and protects them as well.

These shades look like they’re not to be messed with.

SOS Tundra RX

What we like about these is the Rx insert for prescription lenses – that just made the choice in sports sunglasses a lot more interesting. Another Jason-Bourne-feeling-bonus is the Infrared Blockers, which means the lenses keep eyes cool even on the hottest of days. This design is wrap-around and face hugging, which means there’s no chance of sunrays coming in sideways to do damage.

SOS Departure

The great feature with these shades is the fact they’re designed to be fitted with interchangeable DuraLite™ Polycarbonate lenses, so the deliver glare reduction, full spectrum 100% UV protection and the infrared radiation blocking mentioned earlier. They also come with a removable and adjustable headstrap, snap-in optical inserts for prescription lenses, four sets of lenses and more.

You might just be after sunnies for riding, versus sunnies for helping save the world, but it’s worth checking these bad boys out – especially at those prices.

Click here to grab a pair of SOS sunnies now!