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Spring Espresso (WA)

November 13, 2014
Spring Espresso (WA)


Rick and Penny Leith

Crossways Shopping Centre, Subiaco


Mon – Sat 6am – 2pm, Sun 7am – 1pm


Five Senses home blend + single origin that changes each week

Cyclists love:

The beautiful coffee and the early opening hours


$4 (all pours are double shots)

Spring Espresso Action

How do you make the leap from clothes to coffee?

If you’re Rick and Penny Leith, you do it pretty smartly indeed. The couple got the barista machine churning and opened the doors of Subiaco’s Spring Espresso Café about 17 months ago.

Prior to that, Rick had co-owned the chain of retail stores, Live Clothing, before deciding it was time to retire and travel the world cycling. He and Penny perfected the art of venturing annually to Europe, where they spent their time riding, wining, dining and soaking up the café culture (particularly in Italy).

It was whilst they were home in WA that Rick was approached by a friend with news of a small business opportunity opening up. Maybe he could take it on and off-set some of that European adventuring?

Spring Espresso

It didn’t take Rick long to decide – he liked the idea of a local in his area that would look after riders, keeping them fuelled on sensational coffee and keeping hunger at bay with a quality bite to eat. So before they knew it, Rick and Penny were all hands on deck and Spring Espresso started steaming up a roaring trade. Absolutely roaring!

Firstly – Rick and Penny know how to keep the right hours. Spring Espresso is one of the earliest businesses to open each and every day, with that coffee machine warming up and ready to go by about 6am on a weekday and Saturday, and 7am on Sunday. This is a big point scorer amongst the local riders, many of whom are so serious they have usually FINISHED their daily ride by 6am, and in need of a well-deserved caffeine hit.

Spring Espresso Eating Outside

Those sort of regular cycling heroics might raise many an eyebrow, but Rick of all people knows how to look after a serious bunch of bikers. He himself has more road bikes than days of the week, and averages about 450km a week. It begs the question – what was his life like BEFORE retirement?

Is that coffee we smell? Back to the story at hand…


Rick and Penny sell a house blend created for Spring Espresso by Five Senses, as well as a single origin that changes weekly. This is a place that prefers to keep its coffee rich rather than its profit; Spring keeps the coffee cost at a standard $4 yet every cup poured is a double shot. Hello value – no wonder this place does a roaring trade!

When it comes to food, this is a business that respects its limitations and focuses on doing what it can, and doing it superbly. As a result, you don’t come to Spring for banquet carbo-loading. Instead you’ll find a daily stream of fresh French pastries and delicious panini, or maybe some tasty Bircher muesli.


We’re super keen. Perhaps not keen enough to go riding at 4am and finish in time for opening hours to start, but keen in – you know – a slightly less off-the-Richter-riding-scale kind of way.

Thanks to Pretty Pictures for ... their pretty pictures!

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