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Quick as a Flash 

January 30, 2014
Quick as a Flash

There are many ways to loose a bike race and there is only ever one winner. I have been told this many times from the best riders in the world. Sounds depressing! Well the good news is that they also told me the easiest way to win a race is learn how to sprint.

Below are our Top 6 tips in learning how to sprint

  1. Study the course and make sure you are well informed. Know the tactical distances, i.e. the distance from the last corner and then the distance to finish line. Walk it out prior to the race? Know the finish, the corners, the roundabouts, road surfaces, gradient etc. All of these factors will impact on your sprint. If riding uphill you should follow. If riding downhill you should lead out.

  2. Understand the wind and how it will impact on your sprint. If riding into a head wind, you should follow. If riding into a tail wind, you should lead out. If riding into a cross wind, lead up the gutter and force your compeitor to cross around on the windward side.

  3. Try to eliminate known sprinters early in the race. Force your competitors to work. Watch for signs of fatigue in your competitors and attack when they are struggling.

  4. Always lay off the wheel. This is where you allow some space between you and the wheel in front of you. A half to one length is a good guide. This tactic gives room to run at the wheel and space to escape if someone is crowding you.

  5. Learn how to "stall sprint". This is where you accelerate gradually then double click gears at the right time. It allows for a fast and furious move that will hopefully gap your competitor and leave them trying to chase your wheel. Electric gears systems are excellent for this as they can shift accurately very fast.

  6. If you are not a natural sprinter you should focus your training to develop this area. Work at it and then you will eventually get the results.

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