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Cycling Down Under Snapshot 

December 01, 2014
Cycling Down Under Snapshot

The Landscape of Cycling Down Under

Road safety, dodgy surfaces, lack of confidence or experience; when it comes to riding in Australia it’s fair to say that there might be a few deterrents.

But we’re probably preaching to the converted here when we say there’s absolutely no doubt that the cons pale in comparison to the pros – cycling is awesome and more Aussies should be enjoying it!

Cycling helps prevent illness, reduce body weight, and boost happy hormones and energy levels. Fewer cars on the road and more bikes means a reduction in greenhouse emissions, not to mention less congested roads. And how much did it cost you at the petrol bowser last time you filled up? The bike only needs your muscle fuel to get it moving!

But as it turns out – perhaps not everyone has got hold of this memo.

In 2013 a study was conducted that led to some interesting results. There was one stand-out piece of data that really snagged our attention. The National Cycling Participation Survey indicated that cycling participation rates have declined since 2011.

Err – what? Anecdotally this is almost hard to believe – isn’t every second person (and even their dog!) now riding a bike? We haven’t conducted a survey of our own, but this update leads us to believe there are still plenty of people who need to see the light.

So we found this link, which contains information that’s practically bathing in just the light we need to convince even the harshest sceptic that Cycling. Is. Sensational.

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