February 23, 2015

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Bicycle Tools

There are many bicycle tools. One of the most important and useful tools to have is an Allen key set. Allen keys can adjust many different parts of a bicycle, e.g. brakes, seats, head sets and derailleurs. They come in sets from 1mm to 8mm or can be bought individually. Tyre levers are a crucial item when doing some home bike maintenance. Tyre levers are small plastic levers used for removing tyres from wheels. To use, push behind the rim then under the tyre and lever the tyre over the rim. For the most effective results 2 or 3 levers need to be used. An adjustable wrench is another important tool for bike maintenance, especially on older bikes. Used for adjusting head sets, tighten/remove brakes, seat post adjustment, removal of wheels and pedals. For more enthusiasts bicycle mechanics a bike stand is a very convenient tool. A bike stand holds a bike suspended in the air which allows for all parts of the bicycle to be accessed with relative ease. With the abundance of tools to choose from the most important things to remember is what do I want to do, how you can I do it and what tool is needed.

Bike Tools