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Top Bike Awards - Fox 36 Forks

September 21, 2015
Top Bike Awards - Fox 36 Forks


Making the 2016 BikeExchange Top Bike Product Shortlist - the Fox 36 Forks.

Fox had plenty of ground to make up on the Rock Shox Pike fork that has been on the front of almost every long travel bike over the past two years. They had to bring their name back into the minds of this category’s rider and they simply could not afford a failure. The Fox 36 fork once was the standard in the long travel segment, with ten years passing since they changed the game with their beefy stanchions.

Leading the host of changes has been the move away from the CTD damper that has been rather unpopular and probably not quite what riders wanted in their suspension fork. The new RC2 damper has been swapped in with adjustability as one of its strongest traits. It’s said this fork offers almost zero friction and the small bump compliance is something to behold. The real question on everyone’s lips revolves around how it handles the steep and wild terrain it’s designed for, which from all reports is the true selling point of this fork.

If the performance upgrades of this new model weren’t enough, each 36-model fork comes with Fox’s rather sexy Kashima coating. Some proper shiny gold bling will enhance even the most mundane of bikes - what’s not to like about finally having some competition in this category of suspension fork?

In a back-handed compliment, the fact this fork is even considered in the same breath as Rock Shox’s standout Pike fork means we can’t help but yearn for one on the front of our long travel bikes for 2016.

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