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Top Bike Awards - Mavic Crossmax XL Pro

September 21, 2015
Top Bike Awards - Mavic Crossmax XL Pro


Making the 2016 BikeExchange Top Bike Product Shortlist - the Mavic Crossmax XL Pro.

When two of the best riders of all time combine with a forward thinking French manufacturer to produce shoes, you can pretty much guarantee you’re going to get something a little bit special.

Mavic, Jerome Clementz and Fabien Barel did not disappoint with their efforts. They demanded an enduro racing shoe with the protection and movement of a downhill shoe, whilst giving them the ability to pedal like the best XC racers in the world.

There is no denying this shoe was built exactly for its intended purpose of racing at the front end on the world stage. Mavic have taken their best features from shoes at either end of the spectrum to produce a very, very good end product. The great thing about this shoe and its intended riding conditions is it simply has to perform in every possible scenario. What we like about this more than anything is that all those variables the elite riders face are part of our everyday riding needs. Top level enduro racing demands seriously fast riding, all day comfort and the ability to hike through any terrain. Sounds pretty familiar, right?

Mavic have thrown all their technical nous at this shoe and it features plenty of proven materials throughout its construction. Minor details are often the difference at the elite level of racing and this shoe is no exception, it’s a really well thought out and has been designed to give riders the advantages they desperately seek over their competitors.

Even though it was created as a high end racing shoe, the Crossmax gives riders a refreshing level of usability that shoes at opposing scales simply wouldn't allow.

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