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Top Bike Awards - Pinarello Dogma F8

Top Bike Awards - Pinarello Dogma F8


Making the BikeExchange 2016 Top Bike Shortlist - the Pinarello Dogma F8.

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The bike that carried Chris Froome to victory at the 2015 Tour de France was always going to be an integral part of the Top Bikes of 2016.

The latest edition of the Dogma is stiffer, lighter and more aero than the previous version, making an already brilliant bike unbelievable. A mind boggling feat when you think that from two years in the professional peloton, the Dogma 65.1 was the most titled bike on the planet, the winner of two Tour de France titles, the World Championship and more than 100 Pro Tour races!

In order to improve on the 65.1, the Dogma F8 began as a ground up collaboration between Jaguar and Pinarello and according to Pinarello, resulted in a bike that was 12% stiffer, 16% more balanced, 120 grams lighter and 47% more aerodynamic compared to the 65.1. In fact it is so much better, Pinarello are calling it, the eighth wonder of the world and have a great hashtag that sums up the attitude of the bike, #F8EndOfDiscussion.

An upgrade on the F8 is the new ONDA F8 fork, which is derived from the TT crushing il Bolide and makes significant aerodynamic gains. The frame is made up of T11001K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy technology, creating a lighter, stiffer version and the new flat back tube profiles add to the aerodynamic efficiency without compromising ride quality.

Pinarello have also introduced their 'my way' custom design program where you can choose your frame colour, finishes, bar tape and saddle, to make your new purchase unique.

Chris Froome labelled it 'astonishing' after his first ride, and he seemed pretty happy on it while riding to victory at the 2015 Tour de France.

For winning the biggest bike race of 2015 and improving upon one of the most winning-est bikes in history, the Pinarello Dogma F8 makes it into the top 5 Road Bikes of 2016.

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