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Top Bike Awards - Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt BC Edition

September 21, 2015
Top Bike Awards - Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt BC Edition


Making the 2016 BikeExchange Top Bike Shortlist - the Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt BC Edition.

With so many amazing bikes to choose from in 2016, you could be forgiven for thinking you need a different bike for every different trail you ride. I know we’d all love a utopian situation where this existed, but for most of us that’s never going to materialise. In the race to build the one ‘do-it-all’ bike, many manufacturers are re-imagining exactly what a rider demands from their trusty steed.

Launching in 2015, the Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt ‘BC Edition’ is the potential quiver killer of which we’ve all dreamt. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we admit we still enjoy riding up, over and around hills, before we unleash the fury on the way down. This is exactly why we love the thought of throwing a leg over this bike for 2016.

With a deceptive 130mm/120mm travel platform, you could be thinking this bike might not handle your ability to get reckless on the descents. Yet with the heritage this bike has we can pretty much guarantee it won’t inhibit you one bit. Just thinking about the possibilities of this bike makes us want to get out there and thrash around on it.

Let’s face it; we ride bikes because it’s a damn good time. This bike could be the very best chance we have at legally enhancing that feeling and so it unquestionably makes our list of top products for 2016.

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