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Top Bike Awards - Trek Madone 9

Top Bike Awards - Trek Madone 9


Making the BikeExchange 2016 Top Bike Shortlist - the Trek Madone 9.

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Trek launched their flagship race bike just days before the 2015 Tour de France. The new Madone was described as the 'Ultimate Racing Bike', and did not disappoint. The whole bike has been completely re-engineered, complete with extensive aero features and a combination of technology from the endurance minded Domane and the lightweight Emonda.

The Kammtail Virtual Foil (KVF) profiles that we saw on the previous version of the Madone are back, but through an innovative rear brake design and new shape, almost the entire frame gets the KVF treatment.

One look at the side profile of the bike and you can tell straight away, it is stiff!

A thick down-tube and seat post combined with large chain stays create a rigid frame, and coupled with its aggressive aerodynamics, makes it a flat out speed machine. The aerodynamic upgrades continue at the front of the bike with the bar and stem becoming one, complete with a cable free front end. Even the front brake is completely covered by 'Vector wings', keeping air turbulence to a minimum wherever possible.

A new feature on the Madone is the IsoSpeed decoupler. Once upon a time, it was unique to the Domane endurance range, but it makes total sense to include this on the Madone, especially given the increased rigidity. As well as creating extra compliance, it has allowed for greater tube ratio's without compromising the ride quality.

The Madone 9 looks completely different to the previous version, and was clearly built for speed. From a purely aesthetic point of view it looks so aggressive and so fast... the thick tube profiles, the one piece bar and stem, even the retro looking Bontrager wheel set on the Trek Factory Racing edition make this one very cool looking bike.

As well as the stock range that you can buy off the shelf, you also have the option to get the Madone 9 fully customised through Trek's Project One program. Choose your paint job, decals, wheel set, drivetrain, even add in a quote or your signature...

So cool, and very deserving of a place in the top 5 bikes of 2016!

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