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Top Bike Awards - ENVE SES 3.4 Wheel Set

Top Bike Awards - ENVE SES 3.4 Wheel Set


The winner of the 2016 BikeExchange Top Bike Road Bike Product of the Year - the ENVE SES 3.4 Wheel Set.

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ENVE wheels have some outstanding performance benefits but we just love them because they are uber cool!

The 3.4 SES clinchers with Chris King 45 hubs are up there with the best all round wheel sets on the market. They are light, strong and aerodynamic.

The 3.4 name describes the difference between the rim depths from front to back. The front wheel is 35mm deep and 26mm wide compared to the rear wheel which is 45mm deep and 24mm wide. The unique design is genius: a shallower and wider front wheel to create stability and a deeper, narrower rear wheel to reduce drag and increase speed.

Obviously having the additional weight of the rider over the back wheel means there is less need for stability from the wheel, so ENVE have chosen to go deeper and narrower to gain an advantage over traditional wheel sets which are the same. The shallower and wider rim on the front creates a stable, predictable ride that won't give you grief in even the strongest cross winds.

The 3.4 wheel set is an everyday, every occasion wheels set. At just over 1,400 grams it can sail up climbs, and at only 35mm deep, it can handle descents and strong winds with ease. According to ENVE the wheels have the 'highest strength to weight ratio in the industry' and can now been seen carrying Team MTN Qhubeka to victories on the world stage. The textured braking surface produces great stopping power for a carbon rim in all conditions.

You can customise your ENVE decals to match just about anything, and you can also choose your hubs.

One of the best performing wheel sets on the market, along with the coolest, the ENVE SES 3.4 with Chris King 45 hubs.

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