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Top Bike Awards - Garmin 520

September 21, 2015
Top Bike Awards - Garmin 520


Making the 2016 BikeExchange Top Bike Product Shortlist - the Garmin 520.

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There are two things that almost every cyclist does at the end of a ride, stop for a coffee and upload their ride onto Strava. This then sets off the inevitable banter among the group around who did the most work, who won the sprint and who was hiding at the back of the group.

Taking advantage of this tradition is the latest edition Garmin 520. Among numerous upgrades from the 510, the 520 now has live Strava segments! This is a game changer for the majority of riders. Imagine being half way up your local climb and knowing that you are only a second or two away from the KOM! You'd be straight up out of the saddle and stomping on the pedals to get that trophy. The live feedback during your ride will provide you with alerts for segment starts and finishes, leader board rankings and might explain why someone has just launched a full gas attack out of nowhere.

The 520 also has the capability to sync with your indoor trainer and automatically adjust itself to achieve a specific power output; a nice feature for those long hours on the stationary trainer during winter. The clever functions don't stop there. If you pair the 520 with a power meter and heart rate monitor it can perform a FTP test and derive your effort of VO2max, giving you advice on your level of work and fatigue. This information not only lets you know how you're performing in your current session, but also how to manage your recovery so you're not overdoing it.

The 520 is compatible with an endless array of other devices such as social media and weather, and also includes the usual additional bike accessories like power meters, heart rate monitors and speed and cadence sensors. Add to that a large 2.3inch colour screen and 15 hours of battery life and you're all set for a solid day in the saddle.

For making riding our bike feel more like a video game, the Garmin 520 makes the top five bike products of 2016.

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