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Top Places to Ride in TAS

December 11, 2014
Top Places to Ride in TAS

Top Places to Ride in Tasmania

It seems that Tasmania was created for cycling tours.

The scenery is breathtaking and the water surrounding it is enchanting. Everywhere you look on your cycling tour will be filled with beauty and adventure. The Spirit of Tasmania is a ship that makes it easy to travel from Melbourne to Tasmania because you can take your bike with you. The fare for a bicycle is only $5, but you can also transport a motorbike for $58. When you arrive for your journey, your bike will be placed on the appropriate vehicle deck according to its size. Tasmania has so much to offer cyclists that the people needed to create several different bicycle tracks and routes to cover everything. For example, one tour takes you through the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park where you will find deep river valleys and sensational gorges. If you prefer to remain along the beaches, there are fabulous cycling tours for you that travel along the eastern coast.

bay of fires   Spirit Of Tasmania

Top Places to Ride in Tasmania

1. The Tasmania East Coast Classic Tour

One tour that will show you a little piece of everything that is special about Tasmania is the Tasmania East Coast Classic Tour. This trail takes you along the beaches and into the rainforest. Riders also travel through national parks where they view pink granite peaks, fossil-filled cliffs and the azure waters.

2. The Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park

Some people are looking for an adventure, and they find it in the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park. This cycling tour gives you the chance to ride cross country, mountain cross, northshore tracks, dirt jumps and downhill. It was created to be a haven for beginning riders and advanced riders alike.

3. The Trevallyn Reserve Tour

Tasmania also has tours that are geared toward people who only want to spend a couple of hours on their bikes. The Trevallyn Reserve Tour is exactly this type of tour. It distinguishes itself from the others because it takes riders right through the river gorge known as the "Cataract Gorge." This location is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Launceston.

4. The Riverside Trails Tour

You can have a leisurely ride in Launceston on the Riverside Trails Tour. On this tour, you will not find any steep hills because it only takes you along the rivers as the name suggests. The other great thing about this tour is that it doesn't take you far from Launceston as you casually ride with the rivers' curves.

5. The Hollybank Mountain Bike Park

Some people aren't ready to take a hard ride right from the beginning. The Hollybank Mountain Bike Park gives you the opportunity to warm up before you make your descent. Those who have done so say that the ride downhill is "fantastic."

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