Touring Bikes

February 24, 2015
Touring Bikes

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Touring Bike Overview

When you think of a touring bike you most likely think of a bike that you would use to travel long distances. But what makes a touring bike special is its accessories. A touring bike will have bike accessories allowing it to transport baggage, it can have head lights or other accessories for safety.

They are the ultimate bike for independence. Touring bikes have the frame of a racer and the efficiency of a hybrid. Touring bikes are built for touring or long-distance travel.

Characteristics of Touring Bikes

  • More comfortable riding position than a racer and good for long rides.
  • Capable of transporting baggage, for independance.
  • More efficient position and frame than a hybrid.
  • More durable frame than a racer.

Choosing Touring Bike

Touring Bike Brands

The list below mentions some of the more popular touring bike brands.