Track Bikes

February 24, 2015
Track Bikes

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Track Bike Overview

Traditionally, track bikes served one purpose, racing. Track bikes were built to be ridden on velodromes and to support the rider through the fast and often furious sport of track racing. As track racing regulations do not allow the bikes to free wheel or to have brakes, these restrictions make it very difficult to stop and it is for this reason that most people do not ride a track bike unless they are racing on the track.

Although in recent years a new trend in cycling has developed, ‘Fixies’ are now commonly ridden off the track and in the streets. Fixie riders have accepted the challenge of no freewheel and no brakes and turned it into a passion. Like many passions, fixie riding is now its own culture, with its own fashion and of course its own customised bikes.

Characteristics of Track Bikes

  • Light frames
  • Larger 700c size wheels
  • No Brakes
  • No free wheel
  • Can buy street fixies with brakes

Felt Track Bike

Track Bike Brands

Below is a list of popular track bike brands.

  • Search for Apollo Track Bikes.
  • Search for Avanti Track Bikes.
  • Search for Felt Track Bikes.
  • Search for Fuji Track Bikes.