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February 24, 2015
Trials Bike

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TrialsBike Overview

Trials riding is a competitive sport which is totally focused on the bike handling skills of the rider. Trials bikes are specific bikes designed for one purpose; to aid the rider to negotiate their way over an obstacle course. Spain is the birth place of trials riding and most of trials riding is conducted/supported in Spain, in Australia trials riding is yet to kick off in any major way. Though trials bike frames are similar to BMX frames they differ on two points. The first is that trials bikes have no seat or a very low seat as the rider is constantly out of the saddle balancing the bike. The second is trials bikes have a fixed wheel and brakes front and rear to allow maximum low speed maneuverability.

Characteristics of Trials Bikes

  • Basic frame similar to a BMX frame
  • Strong frame and wheels
  • No seat
  • No gears

Trials Bike

Trials Bike Brands

Due to the niche market that is trials riding in Australia trials bikes are far and few and are often custom built or made by small independent manufacturers.

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