February 23, 2015

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Bicycle Wheels Overview

Bicycle wheels vary considerably depending on the style and purpose. There are three main styles; road, mountain bike, and BMX. Road wheels are a lot thinner and lighter than BMX or mountain bike wheels for speed purposes. BMX and mountain bike wheels need to be thick and strong, this has an effect on the speed the wheel can produce, but necessary in order to suit the right conditions.

Road Bike Wheels

These tend to be thinner and lighter than the other two types of wheel, and are usually found on road, urban and hybrid bikes although road wheels tend to be more narrow than the other two so as to reduce rolling resistance. As a general rule of thumb in this category – the lighter the wheel, the higher the price.

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BMX Wheels

So as to cater for the jumping and stunt work that is often part of the BMX parcel, BMX wheels tend to have increased strength. Wheel sizes range so as to cater for kids as well as adults.

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Mountain Bike Wheels

These wheels are stronger, more resilient and traditionally thicker than their road bike counterparts. However, increasingly ‘29ers’ coming onto the market can have the same sized rims as a road bike wheel. One feature that is common to mountain bike wheels is the inclusion of a disc brake, whereby the disc rotor uses an integrated bracket to attach to one side of the hub.

479 the bicycle wheel encyclopedia