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Hollywood on Wheels

October 29, 2014
Hollywood on Wheels

Open a celebrity magazine and you’ll often see the likes of Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Beyonce and countless other superstars getting around on trusty two wheels.

Bikes have been synonymous with Hollywood for years – some of the most memorable images of Audrey Hepburn involve her riding around with Mr Famous, her Yorkshire Terrier, in the bike basket.

Classy, stylish, chic.

So it’s little surprise, really, that XDS has drawn on the celebrity world for inspiration behind the Hollywood range.

Get your own XDS Hollywood here

If you want a touch of retro with your two wheels, but you don’t want to feel like you’re riding an old-school relic, then you’ll want to give the Hollywood range a trial spin. Here’s what we love:

Surestop Brakes – this is a reliable, safe and easy way to stop your bike in its tracks. Surestop enables the rider to squeeze a single handlebar lever, which immediately engages the back brake. What’s interesting is what happens next; the back brake then automatically begins to engage the front brake. It makes the whole braking process fluid, simple and safer. You know that sensation of stopping suddenly and feeling like you’re about to go over the handlebars? This is one sure way of hopefully avoiding that!

Colours – Hollywood stylists would be proud; the range comes in seven fresh, fashion-forward colours that are going to look great out and about. Speaking about appearances, the front and rear mudguards are going to come in handy for those riders who dare to venture out in anything less than fair weather (but don’t want to finish the journey looking like they’ve been dragged through a puddle).

Carrying capacity – a basket at the front, a rear rack; plenty of carrying options for getting the groceries back home, taking the laptop and lunch to work, or picking up the weekend papers and loaf of bread.

Alloy or steel – get the same look, but choose the frame material that’s right for you.

Just one thing – the XDS Hollywood doesn’t come with a flock of paparazzi!

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