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Australian Company FibreFlare Wins Eurobike Award 2009

September 04, 2009
Australian Company FibreFlare Wins Eurobike Award 2009
Melbourne based product development company A.L.L Innovations Pty Ltd (Applied Linear Light) has been awarded the prestigious Eurobike Award 09’ for its unique fibre optic bicycle tail light known as Fibre Flare™.

Open to designers and manufactures worldwide, the highly competitive Eurobike Award is organised and endorsed by the International Forum Design, Hannover (iF). The annual award is held as part of the Eurobike Trade Show, the largest International Bicycle Trade Exhibition in the world.

The Eurobike Award is given to cycling related products that display a high level of innovation, quality design and functionality, and is divided into 18 distinct categories; of which Fibre Flare™ has been awarded under the ‘Electronic Components/Components’ category.

Credited designers include Xavier Jablonski (Melbourne AUS), Andrew Wallace (Dunedin NZ) and William Tseng (Hong Kong PRC).

Fibre Flare™ will now compete against the other awarded products for the overall honors in its category, known as the Eurobike GOLD Award 09’. The Eurobike GOLD Award winners will be announced at the Eurobike Award ceremony at 6pm on the 2nd of September 09’ during the Eurobike Show held in Friedrichshafen Germany (2nd to the 5th of September 09’).

ABOUT Fibre Flare™
Fibre Flare™ is all about side visibility and being seen when you need it most... A new take on the trusty LED bike lights that we've all grown to love and rely on.. LED bike lights have been around for almost 10 years now and have changed very little.. Some say when you find a good thing stick to it.. we say.. why not make it better..? Regular bike lights light up brightly in a one primary direction (uni-directional).. and generally work well for traffic approaching from behind you.. but what about traffic coming from the side and other angles?

Fibre Flare™ uses high intensity LED's to illuminate a flexible fibre optic core that lights up all around in every direction (Omni-Directional) which can be seen at distances over 300 meters. The advantages of omnidirectional visibility for lighted safety are many; with statistics showing over 70% of cycling accidents involving cars at night happening from a side impact. Fibre Flare™ aims to address this statistic and improve cyclist safety by allowing the cyclists to be seen from all angles and directions rather than just from the front or rear.

The Fibre Flare™ tail light is a world first in bicycle safety lighting, in more ways than one; The world’s first truly Omni-Directional bike light and the world’s first Fibre Optic bike light. We also claim Fibre Flare™ to be the world’s most versatile and most stylish bike light available today.